Ace of Wands – Illumiinati

This month I introduce a new deck – The Tarot Illuminati, by Kim Huggins and Erik Dunne. I have been using this deck as an app for a while now and really like it so I recently purchased the actual deck and am using it here for this months Card of the Month reading.

By Kim Huggins and Erik Dunne - published by Lo Scarabeo

By Kim Huggins and Erik Dunne – published by Lo Scarabeo

Appropriately enough for using a new deck we have a card representing beginnings for November, the Ace of Wands. This card represents inspiration and creativity in all forms and the start of something new that we have great passion and enthusiasm for. So in November we are likely to be introduced to new ideas, to have some great inspiration and feel a lot more energised than we have done for a while. The personal power we gained through October now sets us up in a centered place to allow our inspiration to flow forth from our deepest selves. Pay attention to your ideas and possible projects, write them down and record them as you will have more than you can act on at this time – but keeping a record will help you have a resource to turn to at a later date to inspire you when you feel less connected with your depths.

As we can see from the image our dreams are built amongst the mountains of aspirations, and the city we  see pictured here has a regal and spiritual feel to it, in the same way your ideas this month spring from a spiritual source which will help you express your deepest self and access your true nature. They will help you be who you really are – giving you a platform for expression. Choose to start to work on the ideas that you have the most passion for to follow your truth the most accurately.

It is a month for asking yourself, ‘what do I have the energy for right now?’ and following that energy, you may not feel like doing what you planned, and as you ask yourself what you do feel like doing and follow up on that you will find things flow much more smoothly and you will see much more clearly what needs to grow in your life and what needs to diminish to give you a life that is both balanced and an expression of your true self.

Creative pursuits are highlighted this month too as they will help this process. The seeds of new creations are planted and though they may not come to fruition this month, the roots will be put down and they can then be allowed to grow organically through regular nurturing in the months ahead before they are ready to flower. This nurturing will need to be little and often so pace yourself rather than thinking that the high energy you experience this month will continue indefinitely. This month’s enthusiasm is to help your ideas germinate and take root, and will then reduce a little in the future to give space for other aspects of your life to be dealt with. If you think of your dreams like the growing of plants, there is a bit input of energy at the start as we prepare the ground, plant the seeds and take care of the initial seedlings, then we can simply water each day and weed, taking a little of our time and be patient, until the next high energy phase of harvest. Trust your energy levels right now without clinging to them as necessary in the long term.

Use your will to make the thing happen you know are needed in your life right now. Taking action brings positive results. Allow your vision to guide you and disregard those who would tell you you have pipe dreams – your aspiration may be impossible from their perspective, but if you heart is telling you this is the way to go then it indicates that these ideas are very possible to come to fruition in your world, given your will, energy and patience.

In relationship terms you may find November brings new friendships and relationships that are really in line with your own energies, people you have a lot in common with and who share passions in your life. There is a gathering of forces to create something more that the sum of the parts. Perhaps a romantic relationship finally takes off or you meet someone out of the blue who matches the sort of person you were looking for. It maybe you have been searching for someone to share a creative pursuit with and now you find yourself meeting people who could fill this role in your life and you in theirs. Allow yourself to take up those invitations courageously and see where they lead. It may be helpful to create a list of what you are looking for to help you know when you find it. The clues will be evident in the first meetings.

A month with high excitement and energy, you have the inspiration to recreate your life again. Enjoy!





Page of Swords – Mary El

This months card is the Page of Swords from the Mary El deck. This powerful image can evoke a strong response. The woman is tattooed with a red dragon and she has won the right to wear the dragon through her strength and integrity. This card speaks about having a deep strength within ourselves that we can rely on. We have survived battles in our lives without becoming bitter and are still full of youthful fighting spirit. There is no fear, we can stand up for ourselves, our truth and anything we have strong beliefs about. We stand fully in our power able to affect change in the world simply by coming from our center and from our truth. Areas of her body that are emphasised are the heart and throat, so this month speak openly your truth to the world. Have no fear, you are able to carry this power because of your experience and your personal growth. You know enough to take a stand where things are unjust. You are not frightened to challenge the status quo in situations you find yourself in as you have the faith in yourself that you can handle the uncertainty and then respond in the highest way when things are uncovered that others would rather push under the carpet.

Page Swords

So this month sees us feeling a lot of our personal power, our courage, and also our passion. Events trigger feelings in us which show us where our passion lies and ways open up for us to follow the passion we discover. We might be asked to start something new which may cause us to feel fearful about where it will lead, however we have this inner resource of courage and self-confidence we can rely on. Remember what you face now, even though it may remind you of something from the past, it is not the same situation. You have experienced so much since the memory you are recalling, you have a wisdom and strength that is much increased and with this the power to create something new from similar building blocks – the power to create something that is more in line with your truth now. Trust and step forward into the scarey places. The risks you take now you will be able to follow through with in joy and passion. You have the strength to deal with the line between earthly needs and spiritual needs, that the dragon so often represents. That boundary between the two can now be walked with confidence.

There is no need to hide behind image and glamour – you can be yourself through this month, as you are vulnerable and also open so your true strength can be seen. Your strength lies in your vulnerability and there is no need to feel you have to ‘cover  up’ some part of you to make others feel comfortable, nor do you need to protect yourself through half truths and deceit. You can just speak your truth and know when to be silent, trusting yourself and knowing you can handle any conflict that arises through your expressed personal power. Remembering too that those who you may have hidden your light from in order to gain acceptance in the past, in this new time, will not be the people you are trying to address – your very honesty and openness will draw those to you who match this authenticity and are of  like minds to you. All others will slip away and you will gain deeper more fulfilling connections with the world around you, without judgement nor conflict.

So a dynamic month when there may be new opportunities presented to you. Take what has heart for you and leave the rest – focus on your authenticity and strength and move forward fearlessly. You may feel drawn to fight for a cause or rebel against a standard procedure or status quo – allow yourself to follow your heart and the truth, whilst maintaining personal awareness of your truth in any moment – as you do this you can benefit more than your own goals and can help organisations, groups of people and many others to find their truth and move forward where there has been stagnation.

Strength – Xultan Deck

This month’s card is Strength from the Xultan deck. This deck departs from the traditional style images of strength of a woman and a lion or beast tamed. Here we see a cactus in full bloom – none the less the energy of the card is very similar. We see a natural energy restricted, a cactus growing in a pot, yet despite this restriction it is in bloom and thrives. In many shamanic traditions plants are used as teachers and help us learn to understand our deeper selves and to be able to contain our darker sides without repressing them, yet making them work for our, and others overall good.

From Xultan Deck

From Xultan Deck

So this month we see themes of experiencing and developing our inner strength. This comes about through knowing our shadow selves and accepting these more undesirable sides of ourselves, as we do so so the gold they also contain is released for our use. As an example, anger and rage are often parts we would rather not have or experience within ourselves, however if we avoid feeling angry and spend too much times saying “its ok, no I am not bothered by x, y or z” then we weaken our sense of who we are and unconsciously our anger builds up inside. Often this can lead to unconscious manifestation such as accidents, or slip ups where we betray or let someone down even though we have been doing our best to be understanding and good. Conversely if we allow our own recognition of our anger, with acceptance and compassion towards ourselves also this leads us to be more assertive in situations which require our boundaries, and to not allow the build up of anger unconsciously and so we feel more in control of ourselves and in charge of our lives. We are able to say no to what is not for our highest good and we have the strength to speak our truth even in the face of opposition. Often voicing other peoples concerns which have yet to be expressed. We work more effectively for the good of the whole.

So this month be aware of all your feelings – even those you would rather not experience. Ask yourself what is the grain of truth this feeling is leading me to, even if the feeling feels out of proportion to the event. Acknowledge and accept you have a right to feel how you feel and once you allow yourself to know how you feel you can then have the strength not to allow your feelings to control you, but to inform you, you find the golden ability to truly respond to situations you are in with full authenticity.

This month sees a time for this inner strength to be more and more conscious within your life – it is less likely that you will be holding back unnecessarily, but more that you will be able to be more compassionate with yourself and others, and more able to act from your center without feeling guilty or apologetic for your responses.

Another way to consider this energy this month is the idea of allowing yourself full access to all your desires and wishes and then ensuring you both express yourself in these areas but don’t allow any one area to take over from the other. Its not a time to become obsessive about one pursuit but a time to enjoy the many aspects of expression of yourself, in balance with each other.


As we see on the card there are many aspects of your life that can bloom at this time, and you can be of service to others by allowing yourself to be more fully who you are. Stay aware and stay in balance and the restrictions you place upon yourself and those you find around you will also serve you in a positive way.

This month thus is also a time for great enjoyment and fulfillment as you don’t struggle with things you can’t change, but through acceptance, find a deeper more satisfying way of life.

The card is strong coloured yellow and this is a colour of the solar plexus, the area of personal power, a strong sense of self and an independence from others control. As you focus on what your spirit truly wants so you can be of greater service in the world – your developing self-confidence allows for you to truly play the part you are made for. This month sees increasing self confidence and self esteem after the challenges and trials last month removing old patterns of thought and behaviour.


The Tower – Margarete Petersen

This months card reading is taken from the Margarete Petersen deck. We have the Tower. Often a card that is fears as it brings sudden change in the world outside ourselves, however this is more usually a reflection of the world outside adjusting to our new strengths and abilities. we can find great healing through the events that unfold and suddenly come about. It may be you have been working on changing your life on an internal level for a while – this month sees a breakthrough – which may not be in the manner you expected, however if you bear in mind that you are seeking the truth you will find that the final outcome will bring with it gifts and release from old patterns. what used to work no longer is needed and you are updating your whole operating system to something more powerful and effective in the current times.

from Maragete Petersen deck

from Maragete Petersen deck


The card depicts a lot of straight dynamic lines and a lot of white light shown up against the contrasting darkness. What was hidden is revealed and the light breaks through the dark structures that have been imprisoning us, as this occurs our life spirit is renewed and we find more inner power than we are used to welding.

It maybe that old patterns of behaviour from childhood environments are no longer needed in your life and you can release them now and start afresh. Work may provide you with the arena to see this happen in the form of redundancy that leaves you able to more easily take the risk of self employment. Your love life may see the change as truths come to light and suddenly everything makes more sense and you know from a deep part of you what needs to happen next. It maybe you find yourself able to risk being more honest about what your needs are and what you like to do, though there is a fear of not being accepted for being yourself – you can overcome this now and take that risk – what is lost wasn’t actually of value, and what is found is pure gold; internally and externally.

On a mundane level you may need to do some renovations to your property, and renew what has worn down and worn away generally in your material possessions. Some things you may find you no longer need anyway, other things you can give new life to by changing them quite drastically. The outcome is for the better despite initial appearances sometimes being deceiving.

What is solid and true in your life stands up to any changes in the current month so you can trust it is only deadwood that is being cleared out and that shifts that occur now help you realise more and more of your true spirit. It can be an exciting time if we allow ourselves to enjoy the thrill of the unknown. If we try and cling to a feeling of safety where change is needed though, then the journey can be more troublesome – so let go and trust to make the most of this time.

It is a time of revelation and understanding of our deeper selves too and from this knowledge of ourselves our wisdom increases. We heal from old hurts and fears and become a much freer spirit able to make more decisions in our life that reflect our true nature.

So this month step out into the unknown, embrace change as it comes towards you and allow the uncertainty to feed your adventurous spirit rather than to hold you back, or feed your paralysing fear. You can trust in yourself now and trust in events around you to be meant at this time, bringing healing and more of the life you truly want.

4 Swords – Llewellyn

This months card is 4 swords.

We see here a woman asleep and resting peacefully, there is a feel of her being protected from the harsh realities of life by both the mosquito netting and also the loyal dog resting beside her. If we look to the tree in the background we get a sense of the struggles she has been through to get to her current state of growth and how she has had to twist and turn in order to survive and reach out for nourishment.


from Llewellyn deck

from Llewellyn deck


Applying this to the month ahead, we have been struggling with internal issues in the last month and now it is a time to take a break – the work is not yet over and there will be more to do but it is safe to rest up and gain some recuperation. It is possible if you continue to push forward then minor illnesses, coughs and colds will assist in your taking time out from your usual routines and work. So to prevent this take time before you feel you actually need it and focus on getting good rest at night.

As we rest we begin to dream, this serves to rejuvenate our energies and to help us make sense of changes that we have been making in our lives or that our lives have been presenting to us. Allow time for your inner world to catch up with external changes. We also have to be aware that the peacefulness we are likely to experience in July will be temporary, as taster for what is to come ultimately, but actually just a period of respite before we continue with the hard work of  manifesting our dreams, our ambitions and our highest potentials. So enjoy this month’s time out and allow yourself to take space.

It maybe you need to compromise to achieve this, but do not let this worry you – you will be able to get back on the fully authentic path once you have rested. Issues you may have been fighting for in work or your personal life may reach a compromise that suits everyone for now and allows things to move forward, the deeper issues to be re-assessed at a later date when more is known and can be demonstrated.

Within relationships we let things lie, with the awareness that we are extending ourselves for the sake of peace, and that we are not losing sight of our true selves nor our own personal life paths in doing this. Being accommodating shows goodwill and helps relationships find a more satisfying place to be in the long term.

It is not a good time for long term decision making as actually you can not see the whole picture right now, there can be a veil over the truth of things, and some difficulty in finding out the full story. Allow things to rest, make only temporary decisions and return to the issue in a month or two when the fog has lifted and energy is renewed.

It is a good month for allowing your creativity to have a free reign without being at all precious about what is actually produced. Allowing ones fantasies to have a voice and to enjoy ones own thoughts brings a release from the tension of trying hard to stay grounded. It is safe to let go into the world of imagination this month as long as you do so with awareness that much of what you see, feel and think will not be the complete story, however it will be a story and one you can enjoy that can inform your of your true desires in the future.

Retreat from struggle and perfectionism this month in all areas of your life – see it all as good enough – including yourself and take a break. Know you are safe and nothing will fall apart as you do this, you will simply renew yourself ready with passionate energy for the next steps in the future.



9 Swords

The card for this month is the 9 Swords from the Mary El deck. In this deck we have a different emphasis to many other decks. It represents here the balance of both our free will and our accumulated inner knowledge, so we see this month as a time of bringing these two things together. There is an aspect of the balance of action and solidity and strength, so as we move into June we may see situations where we have to decide what is the permanent fixture in our lives and what it is we need to take action on and change in some way. We discern and divide, and in the 9’s often this is done internally.

9 Swords

It is also possible though that in the process of this we find ourselves getting caught up in our indecision and not allowing our true ‘middle path’ to reveal itself between opposites. We might have a tendency to choose one extreme then change our mind and choose the other. The gold from this process though is the ability to see both sides and declare not ‘either or’, but ‘and’.

In the process of doing this we can make our dreams come true as we see the vision of who everything can work out in balance and then strive for it directly. There is a possibility you will find yourself making huge progress this month and achieving more than you thought possible as you set your sights on the highest ideals. Any issues you have to face in the process will be experienced with the sense of being guided well. This may come from an inner knowing you have of in the form of a trusted person outside of you helping you find the way that is the most true for you.

Many things that are dealt with this month bring lasting positive effects. There is a sense of being spiritually in touch and guided also for those of you who are involved consciously with your spiritual growth this month is a time to truly trust what you know to be true on a higher level and take action from this. You may also find you over come the fear of change and transition, and this sets you free in a way that brings you much more joy in life.

It is also a month to work with any issues you may have about your self esteem and to turn around any negative thinking about yourself and come to love yourself more fully as you are. As you do this so you find the relationships you need form around you as people reflect your new found self acceptance. At the beginning of the month you may find this process a little challenging but by the end of the month great progress will have been made and your life will feel better for it.

The Fool

This months card reading comes from the Radiant rider Waite deck and is the Fool. The Fool starts the deck off and is seen as the character travelling through the whole major arcana, so it is associated with beginnings and also the start of a grand journey, possibly an outer journey but certainly an inner one.


So this month sees us as beginning something new with enthusiasm and joy – we might have just made a breakthrough in some way and so now see a whole new exciting pathway before us and are ready to take that leap of faith and commit to it whatever it may bring. We usually have to involve faith at this stage as the future really is quite unclear and its the journey that is the key here, so we have high hopes, good intentions and a pack of our own skills and experiences developed so far in life, that we put over our shoulder and take with us into the new.

Moving house to another area can come into this field or starting a whole new career, a new relationship with someone completely unlike anyone you have known before are all beginnings that imply this unknown but exciting future. It can also relate to having just understood that what you have been doing isn’t working and shifting in your internal world to such an extent that now things look very different, even if the outside is actually the same. This change then prompts you to make different choices within the same situations. Some of these may feel scary to do but will bring renewal and completely different responses from the world nevertheless. Finally setting boundaries with someone you have allowed to take advantage of you perhaps and so in reclaiming your power suddenly a lot of new options open up in your life.

This month is one to approach all things with an attitude of playfulness and innocence, there is no need to be assessing of judging yourself for the situations you are in or are around you, merely respond to them with a sense of fun and what is most joyful. This way you gain the best out of every opportunity, there may be some very surprising and positive results from this and you may find your heart opens up to more and more of humanity and of yourself.

Trust in the higher power, or your higher self, however you conceive of that energy and life force that is unseen and all encompassing. This trust and faith guides you well in the month ahead and helps you make all the decisions you need to easily and freely. We are no longer attached to others opinions of the choices we make it is irrelevant in that it is our own life we are living and only we can make the choices that affect us. We may choose to take someone close into account as we make our decision but no-one makes the decision for us – we may find later we would have had a different result with a different decision, however the learning of this is so important we would not have wanted to skip the lesson. So every choice we make is ours alone and also is the right one for that time. Allow yourself to move through the month with this approach and enjoy every moment and opportunity to the full. You have a new start, use it to create more joy and happiness in your life which you can then inspire in others by simply being who you are.