A Card for March

A card for March

I picked a card with the intention that there would be a message for everyone reading this months article.

The card was The Universe from the Haindl deck

I see that there are many things coming to a close this month – projects that have been going for a long time, personal development issues finally being resolved, and the gentle moving away from relationships that used to have a hold over you you have been trying to free yourself from.

There is a good deal of fire with this card on one side and I have the sense of a pheonix and the transformatory power of allowing ourselves to be consumed with our passion – as we follow our passion so the things that are right for us appear before us and the things that are not seem to have no space in our life any more. Resist the temptation to act out of a sense of duty, or should, unless your heart is in it. If we hold onto relationships thinking we ‘should’ catch up with, or see someone, so we deny our reality of not feeling the impulse to and sometimes this is a message that that relationship has run its course and that it is time to walk down a different path – sometimes for a short time before returning – other times for a longer period – we need not agonise over this, just accept it is as it is for the now and do what is in your heart. If your connection is strong and true you will feel the desire to reconnect at a later date.

I see this card image is set out in space – there are many spheres reminding me of wholeness and the completeness we seek yet is often in the realms of other worlds as we struggle to find our balance in the physical plane. Here though there is an opportunity to catch a glimpse of this wholeness and wholesomeness in our lives. It is a natural turn of events – endings are done well and successfully, courses completed, and ambitions achieved. Then is a time for rest and a consideration of what the new will bring. The time for this is immanent though not here yet.

The card is connected to saturn and as such the foundations you have built are strong and have been a long time in the making, and the changes you make now are for the long term. There is no need to rush into them though – allow yourself to savour the transformation process itself. There is no need to rush to the next thing but celebrate what you have achieved and really consolidate the knowledge gained through your journey.

The dragon figure on the card reminds me of the messenger from the higher realms to the lower ones. Magical creature who can show us spirits messages, and can consume the things that are old and need transforming with one breath. There is no need for fear as this is a spring clean in the deepest sense and the room of your soul will feel sparkling and clean from the transformation. You can bring this in with spring cleaning on the physical level, anything that doesn’t bring you joy is no longer needed. Let go and be free to be all of who you are.

I am happy to hear of your comments to this if you are drawn to share them.


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