June – La Razon

Card for June

This month I have picked a card intending its message will have something in for everyone who reads this – I have explored the meaning of the card and done a quick journey within it to gather more information for your interest.

This months card is from an unusual deck – Individuum, it is a new deck loosely based on RWS and yet has many changes of card names and an additional two cards. You can read about the deck here and see images  http://www.individuum.es

SO this months card is called La Razon and is the number 3, it is the equivalent of the Empress in RWS. The English translation is The Intellect. Though in my reading of this card for this month the intellect seems a secondary energy and the intuition is coming forth more strongly, as if the real reasoning is a connection of the intellect and the intuition working together.

In the image we see two hands rubbing together a stick on stone with some kindling around and so making fire. I have a sense here of deep earthiness and the idea of intuition bringing forth creation. The first time fire was discovered and the first time someone found this way of creatind fire – from two sticks, or a stick and a stone, come a third force which can consume and alsowarm and nurture – keep alive in the cold.


I take from this the idea that we need to listen to our intuition to survive at times and it is our intuition that tells us not to take that route home, to go another way tonight. It is intuition that helps us solve the problems life throws at us, in new and more effective ways. Many people have had the experience of being kept safe by ‘just knowing’ they needed to go a different way, or do something unusual. This month is a time to consider the role your intuition plays in your life – do you listen to its nudges, or do you rationalise them away? Is there some way you could increase the amount of faith you have in what you recieve from yourself within? Perhaps to allow an inspiring thought or desire to catch light and take root in your life.

There is a sense of creation with this card to – and a message that we need to make time and space in our life to create. Our creations may be of children, of art work, of food, or of whole lifestyles that are uniquely ours and fitting for our own soul journey forward. In many ways creation is what we are here to do – to create our lives to be the best they can be. This month reflect on the role of creativity and creation in your life. Where in your life do you get the most pleasure in creating? What creations have you brought forth that bring you joy, and what would you like to re-create anew?

The third aspect this image brings forth is that of fire – fire with its nurturing properties, it warms us in the cold and protects us from wild creatures. It also has a destructive side where it can burn all in its path and consume and transform all it comes across. What aspect are you seeing in your life currently? Are you transforming and consuming the old, to make a new landscape ready for new seeds to haver the space to grow, or are you controlling this force and using the passion you have in a focused way to nurture yourself and your family? With containment we can be both protected and cared for by fire, with wild abandon though sometimes the transformation – though seemingly destructuve, is what is needed for us to really become who we truely are.

I feel here this month it is a time to see how we nurture ourselves – what is needed at this time to move us on. It is a time to reconnect with our creativity and understand and appreciate how we have the power to change our lives always and to bring more and more beauty into it. It is a time also to recognise sometimes it is our intuition that has the answers and that as we allow ourselves to break out of our usual routines and follow our intuition so we access new perspectives and solutions to old problems. Sometimes the answers we find are surprising, yet our intuition leads us to them. What is catching fire within you? What are you starting with a spark of life that can grow in your life at this time.

I am happy to hear your thoughts on this months card, so email them to me or respond on the comments secrion of the blog this is posted to also. You can see a picture of the card there too.