This months single card reading – Princess of Disks – Thoth

Card for January



This months card reading, where I pick a card with the intention that something in the card’s message will be what you need to focus on this month, is the princess of Disks from the Thoth Deck. As many of you probably know this is my all time favourite deck.


The image on this card is of a pregnant woman – standing powerful and strong in command of herself and her surroundings. She holds a lance and a shield and though these are not held in an active position there is a sense that she is fully able to defend and protect herself if she needs to. The colours are earthy reflecting the disks nature of the card. This means this card is a very down to earth energy, practical and pragmatic and concerned with the material world.

So we have a practical start to the year and appropriately a beginning card. Make sure your plans are rooted in the practicalities. You can recreate yourself, your lifestyle and things around you but you will need to make sure you have worked through the practical details and allow the planning phase to take the time it takes. There is no need to rush you are protected and safe and sheilded from the big wild world out there and remain so until it is time to launch your ideas. So make plans, resolutions, and intentions for the year ahead and allow yourself to create something really new and more all emcompassing of your nature.

The woodland surrounding her emphsises her protection from the elements and her flexible strength; changes can be made easily as needed and yet the core of her goals remain unchanged.

She has a fur coat both indicative of her protection from the cold, as well as of her self nurturing ability – she is abundant in her ability to fill herself wth love and ensure her needs are met – even ones that could be considered luxurious. There is a feeling here of allowing yourself to manifest the luxuries you would like in your life and trusting your ability to create abundance in your life – not only in the financial sense but in the sense of the abundance of friends, love, space, joy, time etc. Appreciating what you already have in your life that is working is part of bring the full balanced abundance into your life. The warmth this coat suggests also shows her warm and sensual nature that is currently held close to her chest, but that in time will be offered to the world more freely as she gains confidence in herself in this aspect.

She is in touch with her higher nature as is represented by the horns on her headress, feeling her way forward from the impulses she recieves from the higher realms. She is not one to just dreamily wish her way forward in life – she has concrete and practical intuition to guide her to take the action she needs to when she needs to and to know when it is time to hold back, rest or wait until things are more favourable.

Once this phase of preparation and rebalancing oneself is over then the hard work begins as represented by the mountain in the distance, the challenging work is to come, but that need not be undertaken at this time. Just an awareness of its coming will help the preparation be done in the most effective way.

So what are your intentions for this year? what plans do you need to make? How can you nurture yourself more? What are you building in your life? She is a master builder and her projects are successful. What part of yourself are you about to give birth to and what do you need to allow yourself before the birth arises? Sometimes she does indicate the birth of a child in the literal sense too with the accompanying changes in life this brings.

Though she is a woman, her qualities can be found in all of us, male or female. Sometimes she can represent someone around us too – though here I have intended the reading and energy of any card picked is for you the reader and not indicative of your surroundings primarily. We do however tend to surround ourselves with people exhibiting the primary qualities we are experiencing or learning about so often both ways of looking apply.

Have a wonderful new year, put plans into place and allow yourself some personal time and space to become clear about who you are, now, at this time in your life. You may find there are some habits, routines or activities that no longer reflect the truth of you here and now and they can be let go of. You may find there are other aspects of yourself that need greater expression in your life in the year to come – time to book in some space for them in some way.

I welcome any comments you may have on this card for you.. you can email me or respond on the blog post (where you ca also view the card image)

I send you blessings for the month ahead

Have a wonderful month! Blessings to you all!


One thought on “This months single card reading – Princess of Disks – Thoth

  1. Chloe says:

    What a beautiful reading! I love the sense that all is well, and we have time and the resources we need to plan for the year ahead 🙂

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