8 Disks – Skill – Card for April

Card for April

I intended this months card would have messages for everyone who comes to read this blog or email. I decided to use the Sacred Circle deck again this month for the reading for you.

8 Disks – Skill

This card shows 2 rows of 4 disks each showing a labyrinth except the last one, the background is of a wild high moorland with valley and hills in the background.

8 Disks Sacred Circle deck by Anna Franklin http://www.merciangathering.com/

8 Disks Sacred Circle deck by Anna Franklin http://www.merciangathering.com/

This month I feel it is about continuing with a project started a long while ago. Trust in the skills you have gained through your practice over the years and know that you are successful because of all the study and experience you have had. This can be in a work environment as well as in the home. Our experiences give us perspective and understanding of the whole picture. We understand ‘how the land lies’ and can respond to situations appropriately.

Its not time for dramatic innovative new beginnings but of capitalising on the things we have started and developed over the years. What is it you have been gathering over the last 5 years? 10 years? How can you continue to use these experiences to make your current life more stable and enjoyable?

Being a disks card I have a sense of great security here and financial investments continue to grow – perhaps slowly – but in the right direction. You can keep building on what you have.

The sky tells me that any troubles are now moving away from your situation and a clarity is coming into your life and perception. You have gained strength and ability through being persistent and determined and this is paying off – there is still some work to be done – but continue in the way you have been going and success is assured.

The labyrinth on each disk tells me you are used to the natural fluctuations of life and do not allow the highs and lows of day to day living to threaten your sense of security nor to distract you from the larger picture and plans you have. You are well used to the changes and have faith and confidence that the difficulties on a day to day basis soon give way to successes. This knowledge keeps you going and possibly shows the world around you your full skilful ability. Others recognise what it takes to be able to do what you do and reward you well.

I have the image of someone trying to do what looks effortless thinking ‘I can do that, anyone can do that’ and once they try they very quickly find out that the effortless ease you appear to achieve things with has actually come out of many years of inner and outer work, skill developed through challenges overcome. Very quickly those who doubt your ability turn round to recognise your efforts as they try your path on for themselves.

Affirmation for the month:  I trust my experience and skill in all areas of life.


7 Cups

Card for March

I intended this months card would have messages for everyone who comes to read this blog or email. I decided to use the Sacred Circle deck this month for the reading for you.

The card is 7 cups. This card often connected with illusions and things not being quite what they seem. On the card are 7 see-through cups which are there but not quite there, representing the idea that we might have some ideas forming but we can’t quite see whether they are going to work out or not. There is something missing to give them form. I feel there is an indication with this card that we need to allow what is unknown to make itself know, and very much in our own psyches this is the case when this card appears. It is time to look at the emotions and feelings we have that we would rather avoid – to look at our shadow. As we allow the unknown and repressed in us to come forward so we start to uncover the truth of a situation.

7 Cups - Delusion - Sacred Circle deck - by Anna Franklin available through Llewellyn

7 Cups – Delusion – Sacred Circle deck – by Anna Franklin available through Llewellyn

There are hops around this picture and these are the raw material for beer. This card can also mean excess of mind altering substances and has a message to beware of becoming addicted to something that gives you pleasure but is not based in truth. It takes something from you also and you need to be mindful of what this is and whether the trade off really is worth it. You might find there are too many parties on around now and you are over extending yourself and not taking enough time to recover before the next one. Alternatively you might feel as if you are compelled to drink every night whilst also feeling you need a night or two off.

The need to feel better is around most when there is an uncomfortable feeling we would like to avoid, drinking, over exercising, over working etc can all be ways we avoid what we are feeling – or even what we think we might feel if we stopped. This month offers you a chance to address this and to take some time for yourself to address your needs and your feelings. Honour yourself and know that the glimmer you see of what is beneath the surface will not be as bad as you think when you face it head on.

There is a sense of protection in the stone circle on the card – that if you choose to allow your feelings out in a safe boundaried space then they can be contained and will not overwhelm you as you might feel. This safe space might be your bedroom with the phones turned off for an hour – knowing when the hour ends you can go back to what you were doing before. The safe space could be with a trusted sympathetic friend who will listen to how you feel without judgement. It could be a therapist, it could be you feel safest out in nature with the elements natural world as your witness, aware from the many calls of usual life, or it may be that you feel safest in a sacred space of your own somewhere. Whatever it is for you – this month calls for you to spend some time there and rest, feel and reconnect with your deepest self.

On the mundane level you need to be aware of things offered to you this month – not everything is as it seems. If something looks too good to be true then probably it is. It may be that you feel confused in a relationship, allow there to be space for the unknown – perhaps you need to know a little more before you make sweeping decisions, perhaps your partner hasn’t quite shared the full story yet. Take time out and care for yourself and allow things to develop. Whilst in your time for yourself you may consider asking yourself how is what is my partner expressing mirrored in me – Can I accept this part of myself? This will help you clear and shadow projections that are going on and help you see the truth of things.

This is a card of things being a bit too much, too good to be true, too tiring, too expensive. So make sure you have shopped around a bit, before making a purchase, to find the best deal. You might even consider putting off buying something for now, a new model may come out in a really short time that it would be worth waiting for.

On the positive side hops help us herbally to sleep, rest and take things a little easier. It may well be the month for cutting back on your commitments and aiming to be a self nurturing as you can be. Bringing balance into your life. The light in the center of the circle shows me that there is a call from your spirit to pay more attention to it and allow yourself to be protected by going towards spiritual activities that help you release the pressure of others expectations and wishes for you. It is time to listen to yourself and not take on what others are feeling.

I am aware that the clouds in the sky seem to have a movement to them and see that this is indicating that this time is transitory and will not stay forever, the winds will come soon and blow the clouds away. However whilst the cloudy time is here use it to dig more deeply into yourself and find the unchanging core in you that is not rocked by external changes but is connected to a spiritual source that is unchanging and ever nourishing.

Stay aware and enjoy your month – awareness is the key to finding the balance possible in this card.