Page of Pentacles

This month’s reading is a card from the Llewellyn deck which features mythology from Wales.

page of pentacles

The card is the Page of Pentacles and there is the indication of success materially and the feel of being able to do projects and activities through December that you have great passion for. On one level you may find you see the job you have always wanted and start working towards being able to gain employment in that area. It may be on a more internal level where you consider your inner abundance and wealth and start to more fully value your true worth – this is likely then to have positive external effects for you, however the month might see those inner shifts happen and the external mirror may be as the new year starts.

It is worth asking yourself as December gets underway, what is my passion and how can I use this passion to serve the world. You might allow the festive season to help you get in touch with this as you allow yourself to relax more than usual and in much the same way that we gain our best ideas when relaxing in the bath, so a period of celebration and relaxing the striving in our lives helps us gain inspiration about where we want to go next. .

You might find your self in a position where you have achieved a great deal already and perhaps you wish to make a start on something completely new that requires and investment of some kind – financially or timewise. As you consider this you will likely find you have more resources than you at first thought.

Another aspect of this card is that as a court card it can be seen as someone other than ourselves. As a page we have the age of a child. Possibly you might find great satisfaction this month in your connections with children. Seeing the magic of Christmas and Solstice through their eyes allows us to regain the magic and wonder in life again and reconnect with our own magical child within.

It maybe that you find this time of year challenging, this month you have the opportunity to listen to what you inner child really wants from you and to set in motion activities and plans that will enable the best chance to attain these experiences. You might decide to take a trip over the holiday break for instance to break a pattern of over giving through the Christmas period, or you might decide to gather with friends you have lost touch with over time  and renew your connection. Or you simply may decide to be more present in each moment, and witness yourself and your reactions with more love and compassion than you have before.  This month shows an opportunity to feel safe and happy within your own skin if you allow your true passions to be expressed firstly to yourself, and then possibly to others.

It is through all these activities we see increased confidence in ourselves and ready ourselves for a practical new beginning of some sort – as the month comes to a close we start to think about what we want to manifest in the new year again. What activities we want to let go of and what new things we want to bring in and create our lives with. Take some time this month to consider this in advance and allow the New Year to bring a new start to your life where you have adjusted what is out of balance and have aligned yourself to be closer to your dream life each moment.

Have a wonderful joyous season ahead. Use your joy to understand how to create more in the year to come. You can build the world you want.

Blessings to you all.