The Tower – Margarete Petersen

This months card reading is taken from the Margarete Petersen deck. We have the Tower. Often a card that is fears as it brings sudden change in the world outside ourselves, however this is more usually a reflection of the world outside adjusting to our new strengths and abilities. we can find great healing through the events that unfold and suddenly come about. It may be you have been working on changing your life on an internal level for a while – this month sees a breakthrough – which may not be in the manner you expected, however if you bear in mind that you are seeking the truth you will find that the final outcome will bring with it gifts and release from old patterns. what used to work no longer is needed and you are updating your whole operating system to something more powerful and effective in the current times.

from Maragete Petersen deck

from Maragete Petersen deck


The card depicts a lot of straight dynamic lines and a lot of white light shown up against the contrasting darkness. What was hidden is revealed and the light breaks through the dark structures that have been imprisoning us, as this occurs our life spirit is renewed and we find more inner power than we are used to welding.

It maybe that old patterns of behaviour from childhood environments are no longer needed in your life and you can release them now and start afresh. Work may provide you with the arena to see this happen in the form of redundancy that leaves you able to more easily take the risk of self employment. Your love life may see the change as truths come to light and suddenly everything makes more sense and you know from a deep part of you what needs to happen next. It maybe you find yourself able to risk being more honest about what your needs are and what you like to do, though there is a fear of not being accepted for being yourself – you can overcome this now and take that risk – what is lost wasn’t actually of value, and what is found is pure gold; internally and externally.

On a mundane level you may need to do some renovations to your property, and renew what has worn down and worn away generally in your material possessions. Some things you may find you no longer need anyway, other things you can give new life to by changing them quite drastically. The outcome is for the better despite initial appearances sometimes being deceiving.

What is solid and true in your life stands up to any changes in the current month so you can trust it is only deadwood that is being cleared out and that shifts that occur now help you realise more and more of your true spirit. It can be an exciting time if we allow ourselves to enjoy the thrill of the unknown. If we try and cling to a feeling of safety where change is needed though, then the journey can be more troublesome – so let go and trust to make the most of this time.

It is a time of revelation and understanding of our deeper selves too and from this knowledge of ourselves our wisdom increases. We heal from old hurts and fears and become a much freer spirit able to make more decisions in our life that reflect our true nature.

So this month step out into the unknown, embrace change as it comes towards you and allow the uncertainty to feed your adventurous spirit rather than to hold you back, or feed your paralysing fear. You can trust in yourself now and trust in events around you to be meant at this time, bringing healing and more of the life you truly want.