Page of Swords – Mary El

This months card is the Page of Swords from the Mary El deck. This powerful image can evoke a strong response. The woman is tattooed with a red dragon and she has won the right to wear the dragon through her strength and integrity. This card speaks about having a deep strength within ourselves that we can rely on. We have survived battles in our lives without becoming bitter and are still full of youthful fighting spirit. There is no fear, we can stand up for ourselves, our truth and anything we have strong beliefs about. We stand fully in our power able to affect change in the world simply by coming from our center and from our truth. Areas of her body that are emphasised are the heart and throat, so this month speak openly your truth to the world. Have no fear, you are able to carry this power because of your experience and your personal growth. You know enough to take a stand where things are unjust. You are not frightened to challenge the status quo in situations you find yourself in as you have the faith in yourself that you can handle the uncertainty and then respond in the highest way when things are uncovered that others would rather push under the carpet.

Page Swords

So this month sees us feeling a lot of our personal power, our courage, and also our passion. Events trigger feelings in us which show us where our passion lies and ways open up for us to follow the passion we discover. We might be asked to start something new which may cause us to feel fearful about where it will lead, however we have this inner resource of courage and self-confidence we can rely on. Remember what you face now, even though it may remind you of something from the past, it is not the same situation. You have experienced so much since the memory you are recalling, you have a wisdom and strength that is much increased and with this the power to create something new from similar building blocks – the power to create something that is more in line with your truth now. Trust and step forward into the scarey places. The risks you take now you will be able to follow through with in joy and passion. You have the strength to deal with the line between earthly needs and spiritual needs, that the dragon so often represents. That boundary between the two can now be walked with confidence.

There is no need to hide behind image and glamour – you can be yourself through this month, as you are vulnerable and also open so your true strength can be seen. Your strength lies in your vulnerability and there is no need to feel you have to ‘cover  up’ some part of you to make others feel comfortable, nor do you need to protect yourself through half truths and deceit. You can just speak your truth and know when to be silent, trusting yourself and knowing you can handle any conflict that arises through your expressed personal power. Remembering too that those who you may have hidden your light from in order to gain acceptance in the past, in this new time, will not be the people you are trying to address – your very honesty and openness will draw those to you who match this authenticity and are of  like minds to you. All others will slip away and you will gain deeper more fulfilling connections with the world around you, without judgement nor conflict.

So a dynamic month when there may be new opportunities presented to you. Take what has heart for you and leave the rest – focus on your authenticity and strength and move forward fearlessly. You may feel drawn to fight for a cause or rebel against a standard procedure or status quo – allow yourself to follow your heart and the truth, whilst maintaining personal awareness of your truth in any moment – as you do this you can benefit more than your own goals and can help organisations, groups of people and many others to find their truth and move forward where there has been stagnation.