8 Pentacles – Darkana

I apologise for this month’s very late posting of card of the month – seems I write it as a static page and it was posted where there would beno link to it and noone could see it – Not so much use ! Anyway here it is now – Enjoy!

This month’s (November) card of the month is 8 Pentacles from the Darkana deck – a modern deck with some great images for the cards. Here we see a rock guitarist and some music, notably some quite high pitched music. This card is all about skill and having worked hard to gain a certain amount of ability in whatever you have committed yourself to. There is also an aspect of creation with this card – not the sudden out of the blue inspiration, but the creation that comes from years of hard work and a peak moment happens seemingly spontaneously but actually as a result of all the training, and experience over the years.

8 Pentacles

So this month we can set our minds to work hard and be diligent in whatever we have ambitions with. Daily practice and ‘turning up’ go towards eventually achieving your goals – it is possibly not the month when the ultimate success comes however it is a month where you notice your skill, become aware of how much you have improved, achieved and gained from the experiences in the past. From this place you begin to see that success is possible for you in a way you only dreamed of at one time.

For those of you who are musically minded I find this card does often come up in the very direct interpretation of a time of musical success of some sort, whether internal pleasure at your creations and performance, or external recognition of your achievements and expression. For those who enjoy music it is a good time to really listen and allow it to take you away to the places you dream of – as you are inspired by others expressions you can become renewed in your own efforts to achieve your dream. Even unlikely goals can be achieved with hard work, practice and time.

The high notes on the stave suggest to me that this is a high point in the year, and also that it is the aspirations we have that link us to our spiritual selves. and there is nothing more fulfilling then being able to make physical our inspirational thoughts and feelings, expressing ourselves through a physical manifestation and creation. This month is time to do just that.

So with creativity high and a development of skill this month is a month to remember. Work hard and see the rewards. Soon you will be able to reveal what you have been working on and will be recognised for the blossoming flower you are. Stay with it – it is worth the effort!

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