The Moon – Darkana Deck

I intended this months cards would have messages for everyone who comes to read this blog or email.

This month’s card reading for you all is The Moon from the Darkana deck. Immediately I am reminded of the following concept : When you are not ready to meet the forces  of your universe, your gods, they will appear as demons and you will fear them. Once ready then these forces become our allies and our deepest drives.


Moon From The darkana Deck - Dan Donche

Moon From The darkana Deck – Dan Donche

We fear the truth so often. The Moon helps us see in the dark, it tests our faith in ourselves in the absence of full knowledge and it helps us come to trust something deep within us so that when we are surrounded by darkness this inner light shows us the way we need to go. Thus the moon strengthens us and helps us be more independant and self-reliant in an emotional way. It also puts us in touch with our intuition and brings us events that help us trust it all the more.

Ultimately it leads us to firm ground to stand on within ourselves that can not be shaken by external forces.

This month we are presented opportunities to strengthen ourselves, our self-belief and our sense of inner security. It maybe that you have decisions to make but feel you have too little information, it maybe you are asked to make a decision and your instinct is to go against the grain and yet you have no ‘normally accepted’ justification for your position. This month you need to follow those instincts as something deeper in you is directing you forward.

The affirmation from assertiveness training may help you with this at times. “I have the right not to justify myself.” Though in some work situation we might need to find a justification for a course of action in our own personal lives we need not justify our thoughts, actions and decisions to others. We can keep our power and just act as we feel is the best of our ability in the situation.

As we do this it can help us move forward in ways we could not have predicted logically – we can find solutions to things that were unfathomable by reason alone.

The moon casts light in the dark places in our lives too and sometimes for our intuition to be fully revealed we need to look into those dark places and admit to ourselves our deeper motivations sometimes come from parts of ourselves we would rather keep hidden from view. As we explore and come to love these parts of ourselves too so we become whole and even the darkest part of our nature also has a positive gift to give us as an loving awareness of our anger can bring us the ability to be assertive and stand up for ourselves against others who may be trying to bully or manipulate.

So this month you may find information is hidden from you, that you can’t quite find out what you need to, that there are secrets and shadows, but as you go within and acknowledge your own shadowy places and personal secrets so you feel clearer and can then hear the voice of your intuition directing you on what action to take and the approach to maintain within yourself.

How you judge another will help you have clues to how you judge yourself and give you access to parts of your shadow you may otherwise and not noticed. Taking the opportunty to connect with even the smallest part within you, expressed by those around you, will help you take charge of yourself and stand on solid ground whatever happens.

So you may find the month ahead testing at times, however it is strengthening you and your own self-reliance in a positive way. Embrace all challenges as opportunities to strengthen yourself further.  Trust your intuition and know that in the moonlight, whilst we can’t see our final destination we can see the next few steps to take quite clearly – keep walking forward and trust you will always know what the next step is.


Wheel of Fortune – Darkana

This month I am using the Darkana deck again. For this month we have the Wheel of Fortune. Before I continue I remind you to look back over last month’s card and see how it’s energy manifested for you during the month. What aspects did you experience? Was the message what you initially thought it was when you first read the description? If you feel drawn to share your thoughts on a comment below it would be lovely to hear from you.

Now, back to the month ahead: October.


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The wheel of Fortune is about luck and destiny. Often signifying miraculous changes of circumstances. The image on the card depicts a gun with the bullets visible, giving the impression of Russian Roulette type activity. In this was we see that card shows us that events may seem out of our control in the month ahead and that there is another hand at work – we have to only surrender to the forces in control. However there is a good chance of things swinging in our favour. As I look closer at the card I see the image shows me that the gun may have already been fired, it looks handled and as if something active has already happened. So perhaps the idea that the events are out of our control or out of the blue is actually not the full story.

Often it is our previous actions, our intentions, desires, what we have done or decided not to do that are behind the current situation. So whilst we feel lucky, and like everything is falling into place, our fears have not manifested, we can also go deeper and understand how we have indeed created this good fortune ourselves – even if the cause and effect seem disconnected.

Perhaps, out of the blue, you get the pay rise you have wished for but said nothing about. Perhaps a relationship you have been invested in has been going through tricky times and suddenly the person seems to have a chance of heart in a way you never expected and all is well again. Perhaps you get an opportunity to travel somewhere you never believed you would be able to go to through prohibitive cost or practical restraints and now the way forward is cleared – all the obstacles removed. How did you create this luck?

The pay rise may have been created through your wish for it – Perhaps in this way: You became disgruntled in yourself about not being valued so  you had the courage to speak more forthrightly about your work procedures, as you were not so concerned about being good enough as you felt “well for the money I am getting I don’t have to be perfect – I am going to say what I think. If they don’t like it  and, in the worst case, sack me, then I have the opportunity to get something better..” This leads you to be noticed; your originality, your unique vision; your confidence, perhaps some or all of these were useful. With this continued approach your potential is seen more clearly by your bosses, and so they decide to reward you as they recognise they need to keep you for the benefit of the organisation. In a sense your feeling of being worth more, created a feeling of less preciousness over your job and so helped you take more risks and show people what you could do – leading you to be rewarded. Of course you could have just asked for a pay rise,  and perhaps did. The key here with this months energy is that against all odds very positive ‘lucky’ occurrences are around you. You have created them in some way but the trail of events is not immediately clear.

the person who has a change of heart that seems unconnected to you – may be a response to your own inner work – searching for what your part in the conflict was, your lesson, having cleared that for yourself, the other is then stuck, usually unconsciously, by your subtle change in attitude and thus feels safer to shift themselves. It is as if you make space for the other to change.

The travel scenario similarly, you set a wish in motion and as we set our goals in motion and in some way allow ourselves to be changed by our desires so we set in motion a series of events we may not have been able to predict that bring the wish to us in a miraculous way. As we become more and more aware of this process in our lives we can trust ourselves to create everything we desire at the right time for us, even if it seems impossible.

So in the month of October be on the look out for miracles of all sizes around you and allow them to impact on your life. Also the saying “Be careful what you wish for” comes to me. As we take care with what we decide to call to us so we find our lives become more and more in tune with who we really are and what we really want.

I am aware the image is of a hand gun and I get the sense we have a much bigger ‘hand’ in things than we think. If you experience the wheel turn the other way, then there is a similar process to find how we might have contributed to this – perhaps by our own beliefs about our self or the world. As we find how we were part of it so we can then choose anew and miraculously change how we respond to the situation and potentially not call this type of challenge to us again.

If you are experiencing difficulty this month ask yourself What would be miraculous for me in this situation? Can I allow this possibility to exist amongst all possibilities? If not, what is blocking me at least giving this miracle one bullet out of the whole round? As we allow the possibility of miracles into our lives we see more of them. The month ahead is a good month for working with this energy to positive effect in all areas of your life, Home, Family, Work, Personal development etc.

Just remember the unknown has a hand in this too – you have your wish – give a possibility to the miracle, then you have to let go and allow the mystery to fill in the steps. If we get to prescriptive about how the miracle comes to us then sometimes we miss the very opportunity that was knocking to bring our wish to us.

This month may well see you experiencing the miracles you put into place through your work on your inner self looking back  as far as May this year.  Did the transformations, decisions, and healing you did then have an effect on the positive things you are experiencing through this month?

Lots of food for thought for the month for you – It looks to be a very positive month as the wheel is upright and fortunes take a turn for the better. As you use this positive phase to understand the way of things so you can become more and more aware of your part in your luck and so harness it more often in the future.

Have a wonderful month!