The Fool

I drew this card with the intention of it having relevance in some way to all who read this post this month. The card is the fool from the Xultan deck. This card is a beautiful array of gentle colours. You see the fool himself depicted as a young person with their eyes closed. There is a relaxed feel to him or her and yet he or she is standing in the mouth of a jaguar.


There is a message here for us to be like a child this month and though we might be standing in the mouth of danger as we forgive ourselves all our shameful acts and inactions we become cleansed like a child again – renewed and innocent. We can then walk forward and find our own true path unhindered by the guilts we have held previously from the actions others have deemed incorrect. We now start anew and walk forward without knowing where our path takes us but trusting we are guided in some way by the unknowable. Both the light above and the ancestors on the sorcerer’s table, who paddle their way forward, show us that we have guidance even though we may not be able to see it at this time. We can trust that it will lead us to the knowledge we seek if we remain true to ourselves.

There is no need to allow our worries to gain hold over us; we can be relaxed and free in the present moment. Things that may or may not happen will not change through our worrying about them. If it is something we can effect then we can face the dilemma and take action, trusting we are acting in the highest good of all. If it is something we can do nothing about then to letting go of it will not affect the outcome, just our experience between now and knowing the outcome. Letting go brings peace.

The Fool holds in his hand a white flower representing purity of spirit that we bring to our next adventures in life. His or her headdress is ornate and brightly coloured. As I look at it I am reminded both of the playfulness of children and also the idea that the headdress represents the connection we have to spirit. I see this as saying we need to become playful as we listen and tune into our inner guidance more and more this month. As we take ourselves less seriously, so we also find our intuition become more simple and also more powerful. Often we hear great wisdom and truth from the lips of a child – in their innocence they see the real point of things; they are not confused by the intellectualising we so often do as adults.

This month focus on the truth that speaks beneath everything, as you make your decisions about which way to turn. As you tune into these universal truths so your decision becomes easier – either it does not really matter which way you go in the grand scheme of things, or the pathway you need to take becomes very clear.

From this place take action and trust. The fool talks of us finding great faith and trust in ourselves and in our spiritual connections. We may know very little, yet we can trust that we need not know everything at this time and that we know enough, or feel enough, to make progress in faith.

On the card the Jaguar is not actually a threat, though to an adult mind it may look so with its bare teeth, it is however lying down and may even just be a skin. Perhaps we can trust our own animal instincts, though they may feel ferocious – perhaps they can help us decide our own truth more easily.

Are we perhaps being too nice to everyone around us and forgetting ourselves in the picture? Perhaps really we are angry that we have been ignored or taken for granted – to voice this helps us move forward and outside of our self-made trap as those around us may be completely unaware of our predicament if we have been silent. This is just one example where the animal within us can help us move forward. There are countless others; we may need to stand up to a bully, or honour our own passions to find our happiness again and so be able to give more love to others.

Though we may not be able to see how things will work out this month, trust in your deepest self, go forward and go with those inspirations you receive, even if they seem unrealistic. Become like a child, exploring innocently your own desires and wants. As you do so there may be a quantum leap forward for you and something runs to meet you out of the blue – making the change you seek seem to have, miraculously, come out of nowhere. Trust and find your freedom.