8 Pentacles – Darkana

I apologise for this month’s very late posting of card of the month – seems I write it as a static page and it was posted where there would beno link to it and noone could see it – Not so much use ! Anyway here it is now – Enjoy!

This month’s (November) card of the month is 8 Pentacles from the Darkana deck – a modern deck with some great images for the cards. Here we see a rock guitarist and some music, notably some quite high pitched music. This card is all about skill and having worked hard to gain a certain amount of ability in whatever you have committed yourself to. There is also an aspect of creation with this card – not the sudden out of the blue inspiration, but the creation that comes from years of hard work and a peak moment happens seemingly spontaneously but actually as a result of all the training, and experience over the years.

8 Pentacles

So this month we can set our minds to work hard and be diligent in whatever we have ambitions with. Daily practice and ‘turning up’ go towards eventually achieving your goals – it is possibly not the month when the ultimate success comes however it is a month where you notice your skill, become aware of how much you have improved, achieved and gained from the experiences in the past. From this place you begin to see that success is possible for you in a way you only dreamed of at one time.

For those of you who are musically minded I find this card does often come up in the very direct interpretation of a time of musical success of some sort, whether internal pleasure at your creations and performance, or external recognition of your achievements and expression. For those who enjoy music it is a good time to really listen and allow it to take you away to the places you dream of – as you are inspired by others expressions you can become renewed in your own efforts to achieve your dream. Even unlikely goals can be achieved with hard work, practice and time.

The high notes on the stave suggest to me that this is a high point in the year, and also that it is the aspirations we have that link us to our spiritual selves. and there is nothing more fulfilling then being able to make physical our inspirational thoughts and feelings, expressing ourselves through a physical manifestation and creation. This month is time to do just that.

So with creativity high and a development of skill this month is a month to remember. Work hard and see the rewards. Soon you will be able to reveal what you have been working on and will be recognised for the blossoming flower you are. Stay with it – it is worth the effort!

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Prince of Cups – Illuminati Tarot

The Card for August comes from the Illuminati deck – nothing to do with the organisation Illuminati – this deck is talking about becoming illuminated and the light in us becoming visible.

So this month we have the Prince of Cups – he is concerned with the emotions – with love and romance and with exploration of these areas. He also is connected with desire and the ability to follow it to find ourselves, our souls and who we truly are. Prince of Cups

So this month of August bring us joy and passion – allow yourself to follow what makes you happy – this will lead you to yourself, even if initially you may think such pleasures can not be spiritual or wholesome, actually what we desire is showing us how we can best develop. Who will help us and what we need at that time.

This is not a card of commitment though and what you are drawn to may not be a long lasting thing – whether in relationship or in activity terms, however it, or they, are likely to be important people and things to learn from through joy rather than struggle.

You may find your relationships are are a high at the moment and that even if in a committed relationship – this month will being excitement and exploration within the relationship this month . You may be literally travelling to places you have always wanted to go, or you may be exploring activities, and experiences within the relationship with courage and excitement. It can be a passionate and sexually fulfilling time, as you allow your previous restrictions and fears to fall away and you enjoy the excitement of the new together in openness.

if you are single then you may be finding yourself drawn to someone this month with whom there is a great deal of chemistry. They may not be around forever so its not a time to commit, but it is a great time for holiday romances and enjoying the moment with awareness and consciousness of the lay of the land. Relationships formed in awareness of their lack of permanence need not be painful when the time comes for it to end. Positive transformation through these temporary connections can be lasting though.

In general life terms, allow things to flow – like the waterfall pictured on the cards flowing can be a beautiful experience. there is no need to make or have strict rules and ‘shoulds’ this month, as you let go of structure you can embrace the moment more fully and find that the things you want to achieve come together much more easily than you expect. Follow what you have the impulse to do. When you have energy for a task you complete it well and quickly, the next moment your desires change and the energy to do another thing comes to you. Trusting all that needs to be done will get its time and following the impulses you have will help your life flow and be joyful and creative.

The month of August is very good for creative projects where you simply follow the ‘muse’. The ideas and inspirations that come to you now will be more powerful and possible than you might expect and the acting upon them lead you to greater self-awareness and also understanding of your path in the longer term.

With this card there is the exploration of our deepest desires, and from here we can see how we would like to create our lives and take actions to make that happen. This month is about the exploration – the deciding on which path will come easily after the exploration has occurred. Open you mind this month to new ideas and possibilities, as you do so you will enable release from self made traps and prisons of the mind. Assumptions we have made about ourselves and our lives are set free and as we release the need to follow old rules the excitement of the plethora or possibilities before us energises us to create the highest life we can for ourselves and our families.

An exciting month ahead – enjoy it to the full and release self judgement completely – Trust the process it will lead you home 😀

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July – Knight Wands from Sacred Circle deck

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This month’s card is from the Sacred Circle deck. We have Knight of Wands – key word Adventure!

Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

This card speaks to us of following our passions – he carries the flaming torch and it lights his way. He is comfortable with the unknown and with exploration. For us to get the most out of this month we need to follow what has heart and meaning for us and release any fears of ‘what may happen if..’ Last month saw us step out of our comfort zone having realised that the lack of risk in our lives kept us trapped. Now we take those risks and are not worried or held back by ‘what if’s..’ we express ourselves in our own unique way and trust that whatever results from this is what is needed on our path forward – we may have challenges along the way but these are seen as part of the great adventure rather than something that we ‘should’ have avoided.

So greet all challenges with a creative spirit and with courage and boldness. Know all that occurs will strengthen you and enliven you even if it seems difficult at first.

Allow yourself to follow your creative impulses as this knight is a warrior of the spirit so guides us forwards in our highest expression of our true self. We might have, in the past, prevented ourselves from fully allowing our creativity out in case others judged or criticised us and what we produced. this month is time to release those restrictions and to feel the freedom of being who we truly are. Have a exploring mind, trying things out and seeing what happens, rather than feeling you need to get something ‘right’ just allow yourself to play and explore. What is discovered and what is created will show you your next steps, and will enable you to feel more and more yourself.

This knight is wearing clothing of red yellow and orange, the colours of fire – also symbolic of creativity, passion, physical activity , energy and a strong self-esteem. This month these elements within you grow and are able to be lived more fully than before. You will feel more lively, and active than usual, partly because as you have accepted yourself more fully than before you now have released energy stored within you trying to be something for someone else. Now you let go of this you find your enthusiasm for life increases and you have more energy than you would normally. You can put it to good use to actively create the future you have always wanted. Allow your joy and excitement to guide you.

As the fire of the flaming torch burns so it transforms and releases help energy, so as you transform yourself andyour situations around you so you release the trapped energy there. This may mean you find yourself releasing emotions you have held onto for a long time – doing so sets you free.

So this month take every opportunity that comes your way and looks exciting. Allow the spirit of discovery and adventure to come into your life in both simple and mundane ways as well as in grander more obvious activities. Every moment of our life can be a creative act is we stay present and see every situation with fresh eyes and containing the possibility of creative solutions each day and each moment.

Trust in yourself and your heart – it will lead you forwards into a more exciting life experience. It is a good month to try new things and to get creative in any way that draws you.

Wheel of Life – Margarete Petersen


This month’s card reading is the Wheel of Life from the Margarete Petersen deck. There are faces travelling round the image in this deck like a whirlpool some happy some in pain. This card depicts the idea of being affected by the fates in life – how we can feel as if things ‘happen’ to us out of our control. From how lucky we are to how unfair life is.

Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life

Things always change. This month is a time for changing fortunes, things seem to get better or worse of their own accord. Though very often when this card turns up the change in fortunes are more within our control then we think – How we respond to something that occurs to us is a key indicator as to whether we see something as a miracle or as a misfortune.

A really good story which illustrates this point is as follows:

“This farmer had only one horse, and one day the horse ran away. The neighbours came to condole over his terrible loss. The farmer said, “What makes you think it is so terrible?”

A month later, the horse came home–this time bringing with her two beautiful wild horses. The neighbours became excited at the farmer’s good fortune. Such lovely strong horses! The farmer said, “What makes you think this is good fortune?”

The farmer’s son was thrown from one of the wild horses and broke his leg. All the neighbours were very distressed. Such bad luck! The farmer said, “What makes you think it is bad?”

A war came, and every able-bodied man was conscripted and sent into battle. Only the farmer’s son, because he had a broken leg, remained. The neighbours congratulated the farmer. “What makes you think this is good?” said the farmer.”

There are many versions of this story (You can see some here) The main theme being how can we tell whether something is good or bad for us – there are always positives out of difficult situations and challenges with things that go well. In terms of the card if we see ourselves as at the centre of the wheel then we experience life from a point of stillness, if we are on the edge of the wheel then life goes up and down as the wheel turns – at the centre things are constant.

So this month we are being asked to stay in our centre of being. As we return to our spiritual source, our Self, our deepest or highest truth then all that happens around us can be perceived from a spiritual viewpoint and can be seen to be miraculous.  Look out for the miraculous in everything that happens this month.

The other aspect to appreciate is that as we ourselves focus on being centred in our lives we also then make decisions from our centre and small differences in what we decide and when bring to us different circumstances. This month we can also realise how what we are experiencing, how we feel it, is coming from the degree of centred-ness we have had in the recent past. As we constantly strive for our centre so we improve the flow of life more and more. In my experience this card indicates we are ready to embrace that flow more than ever this month and allow our true selves the control over what we do when. As we do this so we find out truth reflected back to us.

Self esteem is high in the month ahead and we have the opportunity to strengthen this through all that occurs. Increasing our self love leading us to expect miracles in all that happens.


King of Disks – Mary El

This months reading comes from the Mary El deck and we have the King of Pentacles. A image that is graphically representing our wild natures, our creative potentials and the idea that we can gather knowledge from working with the land.

King of Disks

There is a figure of pan on the card looking comfortable and nourished, a feeling of plenty and lushness. Also a sense of truly being king of the material world. Comfortable in it and with it.

So this month sees us as getting comfortable with our physical natures, our bodies, exercise, physical pleasure and material things. We may find this month being one of abundance, we seem to attract what we need in any situation without greed or clinging, it is just there is we trust and allow. We may also be working hard, from our hearts and from the desire to create and make things come into being in the physical world particularly those things that are of practical use, rather than for simply creativity in itself.

We have the opportunity to harness our wild animalistic nature into the service of the greater good of whole – we have fully let go of our self judgement of last month and come into acceptance of all sides of ourselves. Then even our shadow can be used for highest good of all. As we acknowledge our truth we invite all others to acknowledge their too and prevent acting out towards each other for our own avoidance of who we are.

The apple reminds me of both our health through eating well (an apple a day keeps the doctor away) as well as the idea that we might need to risk approaching our temptations to see what gold they also bring with them – how do our temptations try and nourish us? Is this the way to really get ourselves fed or is there alternative ways? As we allow ourselves to learn by our experience so we learn fully at a deep level and truly can make choices in our lives being self responsible rather than acting out of a second hand ‘should’ we may not even understand or believe in.

The king of disks brings good energy for business prosperity and also a healthy work life where we are able to make steady progress. There is no rush and stress involved – simply careful well thought out and executed plans that are benevolent for all involved. New projects are carefully considered and taken only when full exploration has been undertaken.

This month we think things through carefully and move slowly forward with sensible caution, but without fear. It is not fear that makes us slow down, but a balance and inner peace of knowing there is always more work to do and so there is no need to rush to finish something, it is better to pace oneself and go steady to have the endurance to fully participate in the whole journey.

Spend some time in nature if you can this month, to listen to the earth for her messages and how she may help you to become more grounded and abundant in a wholesome way. exercising outside is particularly beneficial at this time as your body attunes to the earthiness of the material world.

Have a wonderful month!

Ace of Wands – Illumiinati

This month I introduce a new deck – The Tarot Illuminati, by Kim Huggins and Erik Dunne. I have been using this deck as an app for a while now and really like it so I recently purchased the actual deck and am using it here for this months Card of the Month reading.

By Kim Huggins and Erik Dunne - published by Lo Scarabeo

By Kim Huggins and Erik Dunne – published by Lo Scarabeo

Appropriately enough for using a new deck we have a card representing beginnings for November, the Ace of Wands. This card represents inspiration and creativity in all forms and the start of something new that we have great passion and enthusiasm for. So in November we are likely to be introduced to new ideas, to have some great inspiration and feel a lot more energised than we have done for a while. The personal power we gained through October now sets us up in a centered place to allow our inspiration to flow forth from our deepest selves. Pay attention to your ideas and possible projects, write them down and record them as you will have more than you can act on at this time – but keeping a record will help you have a resource to turn to at a later date to inspire you when you feel less connected with your depths.

As we can see from the image our dreams are built amongst the mountains of aspirations, and the city we  see pictured here has a regal and spiritual feel to it, in the same way your ideas this month spring from a spiritual source which will help you express your deepest self and access your true nature. They will help you be who you really are – giving you a platform for expression. Choose to start to work on the ideas that you have the most passion for to follow your truth the most accurately.

It is a month for asking yourself, ‘what do I have the energy for right now?’ and following that energy, you may not feel like doing what you planned, and as you ask yourself what you do feel like doing and follow up on that you will find things flow much more smoothly and you will see much more clearly what needs to grow in your life and what needs to diminish to give you a life that is both balanced and an expression of your true self.

Creative pursuits are highlighted this month too as they will help this process. The seeds of new creations are planted and though they may not come to fruition this month, the roots will be put down and they can then be allowed to grow organically through regular nurturing in the months ahead before they are ready to flower. This nurturing will need to be little and often so pace yourself rather than thinking that the high energy you experience this month will continue indefinitely. This month’s enthusiasm is to help your ideas germinate and take root, and will then reduce a little in the future to give space for other aspects of your life to be dealt with. If you think of your dreams like the growing of plants, there is a bit input of energy at the start as we prepare the ground, plant the seeds and take care of the initial seedlings, then we can simply water each day and weed, taking a little of our time and be patient, until the next high energy phase of harvest. Trust your energy levels right now without clinging to them as necessary in the long term.

Use your will to make the thing happen you know are needed in your life right now. Taking action brings positive results. Allow your vision to guide you and disregard those who would tell you you have pipe dreams – your aspiration may be impossible from their perspective, but if you heart is telling you this is the way to go then it indicates that these ideas are very possible to come to fruition in your world, given your will, energy and patience.

In relationship terms you may find November brings new friendships and relationships that are really in line with your own energies, people you have a lot in common with and who share passions in your life. There is a gathering of forces to create something more that the sum of the parts. Perhaps a romantic relationship finally takes off or you meet someone out of the blue who matches the sort of person you were looking for. It maybe you have been searching for someone to share a creative pursuit with and now you find yourself meeting people who could fill this role in your life and you in theirs. Allow yourself to take up those invitations courageously and see where they lead. It may be helpful to create a list of what you are looking for to help you know when you find it. The clues will be evident in the first meetings.

A month with high excitement and energy, you have the inspiration to recreate your life again. Enjoy!