January 2015 and the year ahead


The reading for January and also for the year ahead if from the Llewellyn Deck. I have decided to post about 2 cards this time one for the month of Jan and one for the year as a whole and I see we have a lovely energy for 2015 and make a great start in January with a successful breakthrough.

January is 6 Wands. This depicts a warrior returning from battle as the victor, he sits upon his horse in a very upright manner and holds his head high, the challenge behind him has been over come and left him feeling strong and secure. Ready to celebrate the victory.

6 Wands Llewellyn tarot from http://Llewellyn.com

6 Wands Llewellyn tarot from http://Llewellyn.com

So in January you see a further release from challenge, this process started back in October last year and when through a preparation phase in November to then really start working through December. Things that have been holding you back for much time in the past are continuing to release you into freedom – you may feel a need to continue seeing yourself, your impulses and actions in a positive light and continue to have the courage to hold your head high, rather than to slip back into old traps from the past. Not that your past is being evokjed this month, but that habit could tempt you to slip. Remember things have changed and it is not like it used to be – you have won the battle – you need not feel you have a continued fight on your hand – you just need to assume that walking in the direction of your passions will lead you to better and better things, not down an old worn path as you occasionally fear.

It is a month to think positively about events and happenings in your life – not because the power of positive thinking makes difficult things go away magically, but because many of the things you think could be difficulties are not in fact – the greatest difficulty will be the courage to assume the best will happen and trust that thinking positively will not jinx events in some way.

Trust in yourself – you know deep down you have only highest goals in mind – this month you can trust this, and assume others can see this in you and any perceived conflict is simply each person expressing their own individual freedom. As you can accept you have this freedom of choice and to act on your desires in a wholesome way – so it is easy to allow others this freedom too and promotes harmony for all.

So be self confident and self assured, walk tall and hold to your own personal power. The feeling of stability and acceptance will ripple out to all others around you and help them experience the same feelings about themselves. Arrogance is lost as you no longer feel it is only you – but you share your positive view of yourself in your extension towards others – seeing them as deserving and being as good and as worthy as you feel you are yourself. There is no selfishness in your stance. In fact any wobbles of confidence you feel are not as the result of others undermining you – but of your own self denigration from habit, rather than reality. As you remember this as soon as you feel a judgement of another come upon you know that this is simply what you are saying to yourself and can be dropped. The instance you let go of it your view of another returns to loving, compassion, and your own freedom of choice to act also returns quickly.

So do what you need and want to do, don’t feel beholden to others, nor fear being selfish. Love and compassion grows within you as you drop old battles and walk forward confident refreshed and strong. Challenges are easily over come this month  and others look to you for leadership, and you given empowerment as you leading method.


3 Cups From Llewelly tarot - http://llewellyn.com

This is a great start to a year that promises social connection with true friends as its main theme. We have 3 cups as the card for the year as a whole and this is a strong card of friendship and joy. Often connected to celebration also, but in a wholesome, deep way rather than simply hedonistic pleasure. On the card there is a full moon celebration depicted with 3 women being out in nature celebrating the turn of each cycle of the moon as the year unfolds. So too regularly through the year ahead you will find yourself gathered with friends and close family to celebrate. Also to constantly remember to renew yourselves. You may decide to commit to some regular meeting with like minds in this year and allow these meetings to be places to share what has been happening as a way of letting go of the recent past to bring yourselves into the present more and more. As you no longer create stories that define you, so you are free to move into whatever your soul inspires you to in the present moment. Your experience of living becomes more and more connected to the current moment and less and less a reaction to past events and situations – the deep past becomes completely clear and the more recent past isn’t carried with you.

From this comes the ability to celebrate each moment of our lives anew. The celebration with others helps us also stay aware of the differences we each experience in our life paths and how each person uniquely has something to offer the world. There is no need for us to be the same or see things the same way – but as we witness each other we both teach and learn at the same time and share our increasing joy together. Joy is a key feeling and experience in the year ahead, it stays in reach by our willingness to be in the moment and to release the difficulties of the past.

By our awareness of natures cycles we come to see and understand our own and so become less attached to our emotional experiences – the everyday up’s and downs of life become something we experience, but also observe. Our identity becomes increasingly associated with the observer and so we find ourselve more detached from the everyday turning of the wheel and are in our center more and more often.

So seek out chances to connect with others in loving exchange, to socialise and be with others who simply accept you for who you are, whatever you are experiencing at the time. And focus on constant release of the old, and embracing the new fresh day as the year progresses.

On a mundane level you might find that you have a close circle of friends and or family around you who are supportive of you in all your goals. Your may also find you are invited to social events more this year than usual, which are enriching experiences. Your circle of friends may widen and connections with people you already know deepen.

Celebrating the darkness within as well as the light as all part of what makes us unique and also connected. Our difficulties can bring us together as much as our joys.

Through these connecting energies this year we grow organically and from impulses deep in our soul. There is no rush or striving needed, just the need to allow space, time, and nourishment of our dreams. They will then grow naturally of their own accord.

Happy New year to you all – the year promises joy and friendship, happiness and release from struggle – your hard work has paid off.