Knight Wands – Radiant Rider Waite Smith

This month’s card reading is the Knight of Wands from the Radiant Rider Waite deck. Here we see a young knight started out on an adventure into the unknown. Fresh creative ideas are symbolised by the shoots on the wand he holds and the energy , enthusasm and dynamisicm he displays is also shown by the salamanders on his tunic. He is confident and self assured, he has control of the horse and knows he can dirtect it where he wishs.

Knight of Wands

So this month we are likely to be experiencing the sense of adventure in our lives. We can take risks to explore new ideas, new projects and new actvities. Perhaps act in new and creative ways. Definitely a month to ‘do something different’ – as in the phrase if you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. So do something different! Try new things out – get creative in both how you live and also make some room for creative activities – writing, art, music and other forms of self expression.

This month you are likely to have a high confidence in yourself even in the face of the unknown, and like a teenager, able to simply leap into new things feeling you can take on the world. It is also worth being mindful of the fact that though you feel confident there is still much to learn so keep your eyes open and allow yourself to learn from your experimentations and from others too. Don’t allow the fear of making mistakes hold you back – just don’t try and be right all the time. As we accept mistakes and teaching with humility and honour our own courageousness so we forge new paths for ourselves in life whatever our age.

You may find you have more energy this month than you have had and this can be put to good use. As there will be plenty of opportunities to get things done and to enjoy yourself in the month ahead. You have charge of the reigns so make sure you consciously make decisions, it is not so important what the decision is, but that you make it through choice. Your free spirit nature needs an expression this month and spontaneity will serve you well. What you gather from this experience will help you make more committed decisions in the future.

Travel might be highlighted for you this month as it is in line with the spirit of adventure. There is not a committing move to be made but exploration for the sake of it. If you are trying to make decisions with an aspect of committment behind them you might find it more difficult going this month, if you can step back from any final decisions and allow yourself more time to look at the options and to have fun with possibilities. In a few weeks it will be a better time to commit – whether to a person or a idea or new living situation. This freedom will serve you well to aid a better choice to be made and for the structure you make it within to be more to your highest good.

Have a great month, explore and create all you can and I will be back next month with further guidance for you.

Prize draw

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4 Swords – Llewellyn

This months card is 4 swords.

We see here a woman asleep and resting peacefully, there is a feel of her being protected from the harsh realities of life by both the mosquito netting and also the loyal dog resting beside her. If we look to the tree in the background we get a sense of the struggles she has been through to get to her current state of growth and how she has had to twist and turn in order to survive and reach out for nourishment.


from Llewellyn deck

from Llewellyn deck


Applying this to the month ahead, we have been struggling with internal issues in the last month and now it is a time to take a break – the work is not yet over and there will be more to do but it is safe to rest up and gain some recuperation. It is possible if you continue to push forward then minor illnesses, coughs and colds will assist in your taking time out from your usual routines and work. So to prevent this take time before you feel you actually need it and focus on getting good rest at night.

As we rest we begin to dream, this serves to rejuvenate our energies and to help us make sense of changes that we have been making in our lives or that our lives have been presenting to us. Allow time for your inner world to catch up with external changes. We also have to be aware that the peacefulness we are likely to experience in July will be temporary, as taster for what is to come ultimately, but actually just a period of respite before we continue with the hard work of  manifesting our dreams, our ambitions and our highest potentials. So enjoy this month’s time out and allow yourself to take space.

It maybe you need to compromise to achieve this, but do not let this worry you – you will be able to get back on the fully authentic path once you have rested. Issues you may have been fighting for in work or your personal life may reach a compromise that suits everyone for now and allows things to move forward, the deeper issues to be re-assessed at a later date when more is known and can be demonstrated.

Within relationships we let things lie, with the awareness that we are extending ourselves for the sake of peace, and that we are not losing sight of our true selves nor our own personal life paths in doing this. Being accommodating shows goodwill and helps relationships find a more satisfying place to be in the long term.

It is not a good time for long term decision making as actually you can not see the whole picture right now, there can be a veil over the truth of things, and some difficulty in finding out the full story. Allow things to rest, make only temporary decisions and return to the issue in a month or two when the fog has lifted and energy is renewed.

It is a good month for allowing your creativity to have a free reign without being at all precious about what is actually produced. Allowing ones fantasies to have a voice and to enjoy ones own thoughts brings a release from the tension of trying hard to stay grounded. It is safe to let go into the world of imagination this month as long as you do so with awareness that much of what you see, feel and think will not be the complete story, however it will be a story and one you can enjoy that can inform your of your true desires in the future.

Retreat from struggle and perfectionism this month in all areas of your life – see it all as good enough – including yourself and take a break. Know you are safe and nothing will fall apart as you do this, you will simply renew yourself ready with passionate energy for the next steps in the future.



Card for June – 6 of Feathers – Margarete Petersen

This month’s card is the 6 feathers from the Margarete Pettersen deck.

6 feathers

I look at this card and see a sense of peace come through for this month – connections are being made between our various ideas and thoughts and a new stability in how we view the world. Our difficulties of last month are over and now we just process the events to come to new improved views on the world. It may be that we are involved in some formal learning, or it may be that we are just given insights as we go about our daily life as to why things are as they are and why they have had to be that way – Leaving us with a positive view on all that has been.

I see the card as a very gentle energy, yet also very structured. There is a calmness in how this insight comes to us and it may be worthwhile taking time out to be able to tune into our deeper nature. To have soft time where we allow information and inspiration to bubble up from within us as we connect different things we have experience and learned together and from this form new and creative understandings of the world within and without.

I can see a perfect circle on the card and from this feel the energy of perfection of the universe around us as we allow this month to unfold. I also see an eye shape which indicates the vision that comes to us through June. Vision of a new world, of how we may be a different person to what we thought.

The feathers all point to a single focus, this month it is worth focusing our thoughts and energies on things we true value. It may suggest a time of starting meditation, or some form of focus on our desires to bring them into reality. We ca see clearly to the root of situations around us and clearly communicate our vision to others.  Share what you see and what you know.  You have the ability now to get to the point very clearly.

Feathers are connected to the air and as such you are able to feel forces that are unseen, catch fleeting inspiration as it flows through you and ground it. There is a good deal of blue on the card which I associate with both clear communication and also healing.  It is a good month to allow yourself to receive the healing you need – whatever level it might be on; emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. Putting out the intention that you will receive any healing that comes your way will help attract to you the events and people you most need to repair yourself.

I love the look of the web beneath the main image and the sense of organic structure, the order is helpful, and not restrictive, it allows something of value to be caught, perhaps like a dream catcher – we catch our dreams and so can manifest them into our lives.

Enjoy this month and allow your inspirations a voice, record your dreams, and journal your insights. I feel the revelations you receive now will help you in practical ways and will be sent in a manner that is gentle and unfolding.

Have a wonderful month!

This months single card reading – Princess of Disks – Thoth

Card for January



This months card reading, where I pick a card with the intention that something in the card’s message will be what you need to focus on this month, is the princess of Disks from the Thoth Deck. As many of you probably know this is my all time favourite deck.


The image on this card is of a pregnant woman – standing powerful and strong in command of herself and her surroundings. She holds a lance and a shield and though these are not held in an active position there is a sense that she is fully able to defend and protect herself if she needs to. The colours are earthy reflecting the disks nature of the card. This means this card is a very down to earth energy, practical and pragmatic and concerned with the material world.

So we have a practical start to the year and appropriately a beginning card. Make sure your plans are rooted in the practicalities. You can recreate yourself, your lifestyle and things around you but you will need to make sure you have worked through the practical details and allow the planning phase to take the time it takes. There is no need to rush you are protected and safe and sheilded from the big wild world out there and remain so until it is time to launch your ideas. So make plans, resolutions, and intentions for the year ahead and allow yourself to create something really new and more all emcompassing of your nature.

The woodland surrounding her emphsises her protection from the elements and her flexible strength; changes can be made easily as needed and yet the core of her goals remain unchanged.

She has a fur coat both indicative of her protection from the cold, as well as of her self nurturing ability – she is abundant in her ability to fill herself wth love and ensure her needs are met – even ones that could be considered luxurious. There is a feeling here of allowing yourself to manifest the luxuries you would like in your life and trusting your ability to create abundance in your life – not only in the financial sense but in the sense of the abundance of friends, love, space, joy, time etc. Appreciating what you already have in your life that is working is part of bring the full balanced abundance into your life. The warmth this coat suggests also shows her warm and sensual nature that is currently held close to her chest, but that in time will be offered to the world more freely as she gains confidence in herself in this aspect.

She is in touch with her higher nature as is represented by the horns on her headress, feeling her way forward from the impulses she recieves from the higher realms. She is not one to just dreamily wish her way forward in life – she has concrete and practical intuition to guide her to take the action she needs to when she needs to and to know when it is time to hold back, rest or wait until things are more favourable.

Once this phase of preparation and rebalancing oneself is over then the hard work begins as represented by the mountain in the distance, the challenging work is to come, but that need not be undertaken at this time. Just an awareness of its coming will help the preparation be done in the most effective way.

So what are your intentions for this year? what plans do you need to make? How can you nurture yourself more? What are you building in your life? She is a master builder and her projects are successful. What part of yourself are you about to give birth to and what do you need to allow yourself before the birth arises? Sometimes she does indicate the birth of a child in the literal sense too with the accompanying changes in life this brings.

Though she is a woman, her qualities can be found in all of us, male or female. Sometimes she can represent someone around us too – though here I have intended the reading and energy of any card picked is for you the reader and not indicative of your surroundings primarily. We do however tend to surround ourselves with people exhibiting the primary qualities we are experiencing or learning about so often both ways of looking apply.

Have a wonderful new year, put plans into place and allow yourself some personal time and space to become clear about who you are, now, at this time in your life. You may find there are some habits, routines or activities that no longer reflect the truth of you here and now and they can be let go of. You may find there are other aspects of yourself that need greater expression in your life in the year to come – time to book in some space for them in some way.

I welcome any comments you may have on this card for you.. you can email me or respond on the blog post (where you ca also view the card image)

I send you blessings for the month ahead

Have a wonderful month! Blessings to you all!

This Months Single Card Reading – Page of Cups

This months card reading, where I pick a card with the intention that something in the card’s message will be what you need to focus on this month, is the page of cups from the Mary-El tarot deck. A relatively new deck with influences from the major tarot deck styles, Thoth, Rider Waite Smith and Marsellies. I am finding it powerful working with the inner realms of ourselves.


The image on this card is of a young person turned away from the viewer, looking towards perhaps a boat as we can see sails, his or her back is bare with the image of a flying fish painted on it.

I am seeing a reflective quality in this card and a sense that this month is about reflection on inner feelings, how we really feel we are. Are we ourselves to ourselves? Do we listen to the depths? How much are we ourselves with others? What does the innocent, child-like, part of ourselves feel in situations? and perhaps how can we honour this part of ourselves more in the coming month?

As we answer these questions and send this side of ourselves love so we embrace the loving gentleness, the playfulness and the connection our inner child has with our spiritual selves.

The lack of hair and clothes on the page suggest to me a feeling of openness and vulnerability. It is easy to get caught up in protecting ourselves from what sometimes feels like a harsh world outside. This month however is more a time for being aware of our own center of feeling, our vulnerabilities and what we truly want , need and feel inside ourselves. It is time to take time to listen to ourselves in safe spaces and act as our own positive parenting force internally if there is need. We can see one ear here and this connects with the idea of listening being very important with this card, more so than seeing with our eyes, the eye is barely seen. Sometimes what we feel and hear are more accurate than what our eyes tells us. Listening deeply to our intuition, feelings and instincts can provide us with more understanding and knowledge than we can gain from our eyes alone.

With the awareness in ourselves of our feelings we can be more transparent and open in many situations, which paradoxically affords us more protection than when we are defended.

It also marks a time where we can extend great empathy for all people without taking on their problems we are able to be loving and giving, understanding with a smile, a light touch, or a knowing look. Action is not needed only the ability to be, to stand next to and witness another’s experience, as it is, without judgement.

On an external level this card represents children, particularly sensitive children, those who are very in touch with their feelings and able to be very empathic with others. As we approach Christmas we often are made aware of children’s joy, their suffering and our own inner child’s suffering. Loving children at this time helps us find the love we need ourselves for our own inner child, for the suffering we experienced as children and compassion for ourselves in the past where we felt overly sensitive and unheard or misunderstood. There is a sense of loving acceptance of ourselves and others at this time. Feeling the unconditional love from a young child warms our heart and enables us to rediscover our own innocent wonder.


The sails that catch the wind can be seen as the thoughts being caught by the emotional self, and causing movement. This connection shows us that we need to be mindful of our thoughts – both to ourselves and to others (who are reflections) putting energy into the thoughts that are in line with the life and world we want to create and casting out thoughts that are in opposition to our true path, out truth and our values. Meditation at this time helps us know we have control over what thoughts we listen to and act upon and which thoughts we merely observe impartially, without judgement. It is not that we control the stream of thoughts any more than we control the wind, but with skill we can manoeuvre ourselves using the energy of the wind, with it behind us or tacking into it. In the same way we do not need to try and stop any thoughts at all, merely allow our sails to be filled by the ones that will take us to our chosen destination.

This month activate your thoughts that are in line with your goals and ideals. Set the way forward by this, even if the pathway twists and turns gathering information and momentum, allow your heart to guide you in what thoughts will bring you to the destination you ultimately seek.

Pages are also connected with new beginnings – the starting out on a new journey, and the idea of the novice. Fresh energy and excitement, new ideas and positive expectations. As we have the page of cups here I feel it is a time of renewed, and completely new, friendships – a time to meet people with an open heart to find the common ground and see the differences as exciting richness rather than obstacles to connection. Extend love and acceptance to all you meet, every person is living their life to the best of their ability, and has talents and skills both active and developing that benefit the world as a whole.

I feel this month is a good time to use affirmations, simple rituals of intention and to send yourself, other people and the Earth good wishes, love and healing.

Extend unconditional love to yourself and to others, even if in some case physical boundaries need to be in place on the earth plane, know you can still extend spiritual love and compassion for others and care for yourself too.

Allow yourself to spend time enjoying simple pleasure of life and in becoming like a child, appreciating the magic of the snowflake, the crack in the pavement, the robin at the window.

I wish you all love and joy, peace and a connection with your deepest being this season of Solstice, Christmas and New Year. May any challenges quickly become gifts for you. Blessings…





A card for April 2012

Card of the month – Ace of Feathers

This months card of the month I drew with the intention that there would be something in the interpretation that would help all those who read this.

The card was the Ace of Feathers. In the Margarete Pettersen deck feathers are the suit concerned with air and all that is associated with it. Here on the card we have a single peacock feather bright and colourful in reds yellows and a central blue ‘eye’ The background is paler blue and white.

Ace of Feathers

This is the correct way up

I get the sense of the sky and thus air as I look at the card and a feeling of the beauty of a sunny day when the sky is beautifully clear except for the odd wisp of cloud here and there. The card was drawn reversed and I feel there is a sense here that the clouds are overcoming the clarity and you might be feeling like you are confused and can’t quite put your finger on why. There is a feeling of clarity being possible but seems just out of reach – like having a word on the tip of your tongue. I remember at this point that mercury is retrograde at the moment and this card feels very like a retrograde mercury time. Communication seems murky or difficult in some way, things get lost in the ether if we are communicating by electronic means, actual conversations seems to not quite flow as they would usually. Perhaps there is something you need to say but you are finding the person you are talking to seems to get the wrong end of the stick as you start to explain. Away from personal communication the communications and connections between things electronic and otherwise can be challenged at this time so we find equipment breaks and errors happen in digital processing.

As I look to the card again in its reversed position I also am drawn to the shapes and lines at the bottom of the card – this way up these seem like the sea on a windy yet sunny day. I feel the answer to the difficulties communicating is held here. This time is best used to go within ourselves and find our light and see this reflected in the things happening around us – I feel the wind is bringing constant change and hence it is difficult to see clearly where things are heading, however this change is needed to stir things up and when the wind drops we will be able to see where we are more easily. I also feel the sea represents our deepest emotions and that the turbulence we are experiencing outside of ourselves may actually be a reflection of some inner turbulence which is not so immediately apparent. If we use this time to explore what we are feeling in our life we can find our own truth more easily and then take action based on this rather than reacting to what is in our external environment first.

The peacock feather says to me that though we may wish to show our beauty externally to the world at the moment if we show our beauty to ourselves and find it within us then we will find more peace and stillness. Under the water the sea is calm and the waves no longer affect us. The beauty we find there can then be brought out for our own benefit and whether the world recognises it will be less important to us. We find our own clarity and then others perceptions are not so relevant. I am now drawn to the circle that is just behind the peacock and see that this time is a time of finding our wholeness – completing the things we have stashed away inside us for another time. As we bring the circles to a close so we find ourselves feeling more complete and can right the card. Coming from our own center rather than from what we think others want of us. Our communication miraculously seems clearer and we find things flow again as we wanted from the start – a feeling of an invisible force deciding suddenly to make things ok – as the wind drops and the emotions are stilled.

How does it work? Questions from a client

I recieved a few questions from a recent client of mine that I felt many people may appreciate the answers to so I have reproduced my answer to my client (with her permission here)
Client: I will let you know how things evolve and will defiantly be in touch in the future … I just have one question to which I’m so in awe of and it is how you can possibly be so accurate on a reading without a photo or possibly meeting the person in question. How do you pick up on the person in question ???……

My Reply: Its all about intention and energy. When we set our intention into something we create a thoughtform – or a bubble of energy if you like, and this intention or energy bubble attracts to it the relevant information or energy. How good a reader is, is in part how good they are at reading this energy, either as pictures, words, a knowingness, or a sensation. (Clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognisance, clairsentience respectively.) So distance doesn’t matter in itself – only the intention to connect within someone’s energy system and their guides and/or higher self. When I read for someone, even if they are sitting next to me, I am actually connecting with my guides and higher energies to do the reading anyway, so whether the person is in front of me or not is neither here nor there. Of course some people prefer to be present or on the phone so they can ask questions as the reading goes along. This is the psychic side of my readings.

The tarot itself however can be read with little psychic ability, the cards have meanings which when put with spread positions can become quite specific. In this case the cards themselves arise in the positions they do through the use of intention again. The energy that guides the reader or the querant to stop shuffling is the universal pull to say this is what needs to be seen at this time. Readers use their knowledge and intuition to bring the reading together. When the use of tarot is paired with psychic ability it can be very powerful – the cards ground the psychic information and add further details, they ensure the psychic reader is not just projecting their stuff onto the client too.

Scientifically speaking of course no one knows exactly how these things work – though if you read up on quantum physics you do find a lot of evidence at this level, of the sorts of things experienced in the esoteric arts, healing and divination etc. If this is an area you are interested in there are several popular books on the topic which can be fairly accessible.

Client: It amazes me …If you have time one day to explain I would appreciate an explication … Are you always correct ? Do you ever get two situations mixed into one ??

My Reply: I don’t think I am always 100% accurate, sometimes what I say seems not to resonate with the client, though it is hard to really say how often this is, as I do often get feedback from people quite some time after a reading, to say that something they thought was totally off at the time of the reading actually turned out to be as I said it would be. I do have a sense of being more accurate as time passes too, ie I am continually growing in my ability. I don’t tend to find I get situations mixed up – though I do like to have a bit of a gap between readings to fully close down to one client before opening up to another.