Reading for June 2015 – 4 Cups – Llewellyn Deck

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This month’s single card reading is from the Llewellyn deck and is the 4 cups. It shows a young woman looking at the ground sitting at the bottom of a old tree. Three cups in front of her and 1 hanging from the tree. There is a river flowing in front of her the 3 cups are on the other side of the river.


The three cups on the other side of the river are like those things we kind of want but have given up trying to get they are not far away but out of reach enough and we feel tired and exhausted. We hold ourselves inwards and don’t take any further steps out into the world – we are safe in so many ways – just not very happy. This card is very much about being in a place of safety and this safe place becoming a trap. We start to fear risking something new as where we are is OK. OK, but not ideal. We don’t notice the passing of time in the form f the river, nor do we see that the old and wise wisdom of the tree holds something for us – something we can reach for if we simply stand up and see it.

There is no hurry in a sense – the opportunity is not about to be taken away so we can allow ourselves to sit for as long as it takes us to pluck up the courage to see things from another perspective and take the opportunities that this brings. However if we sit forever then forever time ticks on and we don’t really feel fulfilled or excited by life – it becomes like simply existing.

So in June it is time to start asking yourself whether the comfort you feel is actually worth risking in order to feel more joy, excitement and passion in life. Is there a risk you need to take that actually honours yourself more. Sometimes we see this in our relationships – particularly long term ones – where we are happy enough together that we let little things go and say “its ok I didn’t get to do what I wanted on this occasion – my partner is happy – next time!” But we have said this over and over through the years and it builds up – did the ‘what you wanted’ actually happen or has it become a pattern to avoid conflict by letting the other get what they want?

It is also seen in our relationships with our children when we sacrifice our needs for theirs and forget to make time for our own. Ultimately it leads us to feel down and sometimes resentful and often we don’t even know why.

So take the opportunity in June to do what you want – stand for yourself, allow a little conflict in your relationships in order to honour yourself as much as you have the other.

You may find you have been wanting to meet new people but the routines of being at home have been comforting and tempting you out of taking the risk to reach out to new people, the nerves of the unknown and what might happen holding you back.

Allow the wisdom of the tree that offers you an opportunity – perhaps something from the past you would like to rekindle, perhaps something new that is very solid and actually reliable. All you need to do is stand up and look around to find the opportunity. It is not hidden, except by your assumption it can’t be possible for you. Allow all possibilities and take that first small risky step – things can seem much brighter once you have seen how you have held yourself back.

In business and the work arena the story is the same – perhaps you are thinking of leaving your job but haven’t yet asked for what you ideally want from your current position. Perhaps you feel there is nothing out there. Allow yourself to have an open mind – what if what you want is just there waiting for you? perhaps your boss is happy to give you the pay rise, perhaps the combination of hours and responsibilities is actually completely possible once you ask. Take that step and make it happen – give the universe a chance to offer you exactly what you want.

The trunk of the tree supports you – your own wisdom and experience gained over the years supports you, actually you have created this opportunity yourself you simply need to take it and recognise things are different now to when you made the decision to be happy where you are, as the times change so do the potentials.

Emotionally you may have been holding back your feelings for fear of where they lead but emotions are not good in a static stable place – they are happier when they flow like the river. So allow your feelings out -it is safe to now and they can flow through you and inform you of your next steps once you hear and release what you have been afraid of feeling. You prevent their stagnation holding you up and you allow your passion a place once again in your life. Often the changes needed are less radical than we fear with this card, simply we need a little courage and some small steps and everything starts to move again.

So stand up, trust, go forward, life is offering you just what you need, have courage and faith!


3 cups – Mary El

This month’s card of the month is from the Mary El deck – I love the imagery in this deck. Here we have the 3 cups. The image shows a river coming towards us from the lite sky in the background – it forms three tributaries as it flows over the cliff edge and falls in three channels. traditionally this card is about friendships and how we lovingly connect to each other.

I am instantly struck by the meaning that we all come from the same source of light, however we may conceive of this. We differentiate into individuals with separate paths. we may flow along side others heading in a similar direction to us. As we fall over the cliff edge we trust in our own path and our friends are by our side – doing their own path, but sharing the journey from their own perspective.

There is a feeling of trust as we allow ourselves to connect with another, we can not control the way things will flow – we simply have to discern there is enough in common with the direction we are going and then let go and allow the rest to be as it is. Opening our heart to love and trust as we share with people of like minds.

the tree in the foreground suggests age and wisdom – the many twists and turns life takes us on, sometimes we wind towards one part of the tree then later towards another – overall we are growing, gaining wisdom, strength and reaching for the light in our growth – even in the face of difficult conditions. We allow the experiences we have to shape our future, each challenge bringing a new way of turning to face the light we need to sustain us.

So this month it is time to appreciate your friends and family – those who accompany you on your journey forward in life. We need not to cling, or demand another follows our own pathway, we simply need to appreciate who is with us by our side at any particular time and trust in our own hearts to guide us on our own unique path. Even if a change of direction is needed there will still be others who will be able to share our journey with us – perhaps for a moment – perhaps for longer. So appreciate and let go – be like the river and recognise we are all from one source and have our own unique paths to travel.

Recognise your own history and journey and what has brought you to this place and this time. Your experience is your own and has shaped you – each person you know has their own story and shaping – as we appreciate another’s uniqueness without judgement we are led to appreciate our own, and can honour our own learning and ways.

This month a reflection on the trust you have built with your friends and how your trust in them stems from your trust in your own self, your own commitment to your personal pathway. As we allow ourselves to trust when we fall over the cliff there is a pool to catch us at the bottom so we feel safe allowing others to fall into their own truth also.

The colour of green that is so apparent in this card is telling us to be heart led this month – to focus on what we love and who we love to be with, as well as extending our love to others around us. As we do this we water our connections with people like watering our cherish plants in our garden, we nourish beauty and love in our lives.

Have a wonderful month and enjoy celebrating with your friends, simply and creatively. Spending time on socialising, catching up and making connections will feed both you and those around you.


9 swords – Darkana

I shuffle and intend for a card that will have something that speaks to everyone who reads it that month. This month’s card of the month is the 9 Swords from the Darkana deck.


It shows a mobile of swords dangling above a baby in a cot. This card is about the ways in which we torture ourselves. We are both the swords and also the baby. We often injure or threaten injury to the most vulnerable, and often innocent, parts of ourselves, with our words and thoughts about ourselves. So, though there may not be any actual injury to be seen, we are hurt and put into a state of fear through our own negative self talk. We condemn ourselves for what we have done, or have not done, or thought about, in fact anything we can turn against ourselves. So through February our tendency to feel bad about ourselves and tell ourselves how unworthy we are is high. However this is also a month of healing – with this threat we can become aware of our hurts from many years back. Often the things we say to ourselves are internalised forms of anger about the past. We criticised ourselves or made something our fault because as a child it was easier to take blame upon ourselves than to really experience the powerlessness we felt, and consuming anger against someone we possibly also loved very much. For a small child the conflict can be too much – we would rather turn the anger to ourselves.

We may have developed strategy of feeling bad about ourselves, or guilty for things, to pre-empt, and seemingly lessen the blow of criticism coming our way, whether or not it was justified. So you might find yourself feeling bad about something in order to stop the feeling of fear of punishment or criticism from someone else.

With these deep, often childhood, patterns, often we don’t know they are active – we simply feel uncomfortable in some way or we feel down. Perhaps irritable with other people for no apparent reason. As these inner processes become conscious then we can take charge and heal ourselves. The situations that bring up these uncomfortable feelings can bring with them the gold of the healing of the deep, or more recent past.

This month have a think about how you put yourself down, how you perhaps feel guilty about things that are not your fault, or feel guilty rather than rectify a situation you did have a part to play in (to keep that negative yet familiar feeling coming). As you become aware of how you do this to yourself – also then recognise this is a response to a very early situation – you have an opportunity to heal it. Trace it back and send love to that child you were then, getting by the best you could in the circumstances, which may have been less ideal for you, and possible for the others involved in the situation too. As you send yourself compassion you are likely to start to feel better. You can recognise in the current situation that what is happening doesn’t threaten you the way your situation of origin did – we are not helpless as adults, but have many resources available to us. We can respond in many different ways and can choose which is right for the here and now, rather than instinctively acting from the past.  So you find ways to both be compassionate with yourself and also from this place find new ways of seeing the situation around you and responding in a way that serves you and is more appropriate for the present. It may simply be a case of realising you are having a go at yourself needlessly and having the courage to trust in yourself anew.

The threats you feel are around you right now are not external, but reflections of your internal fears – work from this place and you can take that dangerous looking mobile down and allow the baby to continue to sleep peacefully and safely.

There is no need to worry something will go wrong that is out of your control, nor is there need to worry about your performance being good enough. Use this month to unpick your past patterns of self cruelty and release the energy stored there. By the end of the month, if not before, you will have transformed this energy into an ally and know that feeling uncomfortable with yourself can lead you to great healing, and thus more joy and freedom in life to be who you are – not just responding through a taught guilt or responsibility that you don’t actually believe in, or perhaps is not even relevant any more.

As part of your compassion for yourself seek out friends and professionals that you can trust to witness your process without judgement. You don’t have to heal without support, in fact seeking and asking for help can be a huge part of the new compassion you are sending your inner vulnerable self. Someone to help you take the mobile down safely.

If you feel drawn to work with me unpicking your historical patterns and releasing them. I am taking bookings for personal development on a one to one basis, by phone, Skype or in person. Just contact me through my website.

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May you find great gold through this month and it serve you well.


6 of wands – illuminati

This month I thought we would stick with the new Illuminati deck. This month’s card is 6 wands.

Kim Huggins and Erik Dunne - Copyright LoScarabo

Kim Huggins and Erik Dunne – Copyright LoScarabo

The image is very busy as most of this deck’s cards are, however it means all the image is in focus, rather than just the foreground, this enables us to consider meaning in many places of the image as equally important. So what do we have for December?

We see a warrior returning from battle victorious, and being acknowledged for all he has overcome. He has returned victorious. You can see the gold of his costume representing self-esteem and confidence that comes from being honed through challenges. The people greeting him adorned in bright colours, their own self esteem high, rich and lush, they are able to see and truly understand what this warrior has gone through to achieve his current position. With this knowledge they look up to him and honour him for his strength courage and bravery.

So in December we find ourselves reaping our harvest, we have survived the challenges of the year behind us and come out on top. not only are we feeling more confident and proud of ourselves but others can recognise what we have done too – we are seen for our efforts.

We have also come home – back in the safety of the castle we can rest rejuvenate and restore ourselves amongst friends and family are an arduous set of challenges. So enjoy this month in celebration of what you have achieved. Earlier in the year you may have dismissed the efforts you were making as not being enough – or finding things difficult where you felt they should have been easy. You may have found others wondering what the issue was. This month however things are very different, as you look back you see the hard work and effort was worth it and you are able to appreciate yourself fully – without shame. Others reflect this back to you as you hear peoples thoughts and comments on what you have done and realise others do see your value and appreciate you for the risks you have taken, your bravery and your courage.

The challenges may have been on an inner level – you may have been fighting old patterns of thought and behaviour, perhaps battling with depression or some form of psychological demon. Often unseen these battles we do alone, or with just a few to support us, this month though you find acknowledgement and support everywhere. Focus on acknowledging yourself, giving to yourself credit for the things you have had to face. Dealing with painful events requires a great deal of courage and the determination of the inner warrior, as you recognise yourself so your external world will understand you also and you will feel welcomed.

The challenges may have been on a physical level, an illness, difficult living conditions, work or money, these too you have addressed head-on or with conscious strategy, as you have taken on the fight so you have used your courage and resilience to keep battling on – this month sees solutions, victory over difficulties and the chance to rest, celebrate and enjoy comfort with others in a place of safety and support.

Whatever the challenges have been you have used them to further your spiritual growth, consciously or as a by-product, and now life rewards you for your effort. Enjoy your days spent with people – honour the team’s contribution to your efforts and recognise each person who congratulates you has their own areas of victory and valour, their stories of bravery and challenge. As you realise each person has their own battle field and turns up to do battle each day, so you also share your honour with those around you. You inspire some as they inspired you previously, you become a beacon for what is possible if you set your mind to it. And you build support within yourself for battles that will challenge you in the future.




The Moon – Darkana Deck

I intended this months cards would have messages for everyone who comes to read this blog or email.

This month’s card reading for you all is The Moon from the Darkana deck. Immediately I am reminded of the following concept : When you are not ready to meet the forces  of your universe, your gods, they will appear as demons and you will fear them. Once ready then these forces become our allies and our deepest drives.


Moon From The darkana Deck - Dan Donche

Moon From The darkana Deck – Dan Donche

We fear the truth so often. The Moon helps us see in the dark, it tests our faith in ourselves in the absence of full knowledge and it helps us come to trust something deep within us so that when we are surrounded by darkness this inner light shows us the way we need to go. Thus the moon strengthens us and helps us be more independant and self-reliant in an emotional way. It also puts us in touch with our intuition and brings us events that help us trust it all the more.

Ultimately it leads us to firm ground to stand on within ourselves that can not be shaken by external forces.

This month we are presented opportunities to strengthen ourselves, our self-belief and our sense of inner security. It maybe that you have decisions to make but feel you have too little information, it maybe you are asked to make a decision and your instinct is to go against the grain and yet you have no ‘normally accepted’ justification for your position. This month you need to follow those instincts as something deeper in you is directing you forward.

The affirmation from assertiveness training may help you with this at times. “I have the right not to justify myself.” Though in some work situation we might need to find a justification for a course of action in our own personal lives we need not justify our thoughts, actions and decisions to others. We can keep our power and just act as we feel is the best of our ability in the situation.

As we do this it can help us move forward in ways we could not have predicted logically – we can find solutions to things that were unfathomable by reason alone.

The moon casts light in the dark places in our lives too and sometimes for our intuition to be fully revealed we need to look into those dark places and admit to ourselves our deeper motivations sometimes come from parts of ourselves we would rather keep hidden from view. As we explore and come to love these parts of ourselves too so we become whole and even the darkest part of our nature also has a positive gift to give us as an loving awareness of our anger can bring us the ability to be assertive and stand up for ourselves against others who may be trying to bully or manipulate.

So this month you may find information is hidden from you, that you can’t quite find out what you need to, that there are secrets and shadows, but as you go within and acknowledge your own shadowy places and personal secrets so you feel clearer and can then hear the voice of your intuition directing you on what action to take and the approach to maintain within yourself.

How you judge another will help you have clues to how you judge yourself and give you access to parts of your shadow you may otherwise and not noticed. Taking the opportunty to connect with even the smallest part within you, expressed by those around you, will help you take charge of yourself and stand on solid ground whatever happens.

So you may find the month ahead testing at times, however it is strengthening you and your own self-reliance in a positive way. Embrace all challenges as opportunities to strengthen yourself further.  Trust your intuition and know that in the moonlight, whilst we can’t see our final destination we can see the next few steps to take quite clearly – keep walking forward and trust you will always know what the next step is.

2 Cups – Margarete Petersen

This month’s card of the month is the 2 of cups from the Margarete Petersen deck. The first thing that strikes me about this card is the two faces that are looking towards each other and into each others eyes – it could almost be seen as if they are coming together to kiss. Indeed this card is very often about love partnerships and the equality of two people coming together in love. There is a sense of having met one’s equal and ome’s positive mirror. We often fall in love with someone who shows us unexpressed positive sides of ourselves and gives us the opportunity to see this in ourselves. To embrace more of our skills, qualities and talents by example and demonstration.


In many of the cards that come up here I talk about the need to embrace our shadow – those hidden parts of ourselves that we dislike. However this card also talks of our shadow – not the traditional ‘difficult’ parts of ourselves that we have hidden, but the potentials that we have either cut off from through circumstances, or have just never had the opportunity to express them. So this month look at those around you who you love deeply. Friends, relations, lovers etc. Anyone who you feel drawn to with love. As you look at this person imagine you are describing all their good qualities to another person, it can be things as wide ranging as their activities and skills to their inner psychological workings. As you name the things you love about the other then also look within. Ask yourself “Is this something I have within me?” “Do I have the potential to do that? be that?” “Am I already expressing this but am unaware of it?” As you explore yourself from this positive possibility you may find you discover a whole new you through another.

This month is about coming together with others and particularly with one other. It can be in many different areas of life that you experience this. You might find there is someone you come to work with professionally in a manner that benefits you both. You may set up partnerships and liaisons . Romantically you find yourself in love again – perhaps with a long term partner your relationship feels as if it has been re-kindled on a whole new level, or perhaps you find someone who you are very attracted to and you embark on a more committed relationship with them.

This card is coloured in yellows and splashes of orange and green. This says to me that in order to fully love another we need to also fully love ourselves. The process of accepting our self as who we are helps us attract the love we desire from others. This card indicates you are able to love yourself more fully this month and your self-confidence is at a high. This attracts others to you, as they mirror your self acceptance and you offer to them images of their own hidden positive qualities as you uncover and reveal your own to yourself. The green is from the heart chakra and indicates the growth that comes from loving another fully, the orange the passion and love for life that comes out of meeting our equal in life. We share openly and more fully and the more we feel ourselves able to be open the more we can love and accept ourselves as we are and others as they are too.

This is truly a wonderful month to be experiencing love in the world. You may find as you open your heart to love you are able to love everyone you meet a little more, and feel a connection to the oneness that is beneath all separation. The 2 of cups is the first division from oneness and it is our becoming conscious through looking at ourselves through the eyes of another. This way we come into awareness of who we are without judgement, but with love.

Have a wonderful month and enjoy all those positive mirrors around you and see how you are a positive mirror for others. we all helping each other along the road to home.

Wheel of Fortune – Darkana

This month I am using the Darkana deck again. For this month we have the Wheel of Fortune. Before I continue I remind you to look back over last month’s card and see how it’s energy manifested for you during the month. What aspects did you experience? Was the message what you initially thought it was when you first read the description? If you feel drawn to share your thoughts on a comment below it would be lovely to hear from you.

Now, back to the month ahead: October.


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The wheel of Fortune is about luck and destiny. Often signifying miraculous changes of circumstances. The image on the card depicts a gun with the bullets visible, giving the impression of Russian Roulette type activity. In this was we see that card shows us that events may seem out of our control in the month ahead and that there is another hand at work – we have to only surrender to the forces in control. However there is a good chance of things swinging in our favour. As I look closer at the card I see the image shows me that the gun may have already been fired, it looks handled and as if something active has already happened. So perhaps the idea that the events are out of our control or out of the blue is actually not the full story.

Often it is our previous actions, our intentions, desires, what we have done or decided not to do that are behind the current situation. So whilst we feel lucky, and like everything is falling into place, our fears have not manifested, we can also go deeper and understand how we have indeed created this good fortune ourselves – even if the cause and effect seem disconnected.

Perhaps, out of the blue, you get the pay rise you have wished for but said nothing about. Perhaps a relationship you have been invested in has been going through tricky times and suddenly the person seems to have a chance of heart in a way you never expected and all is well again. Perhaps you get an opportunity to travel somewhere you never believed you would be able to go to through prohibitive cost or practical restraints and now the way forward is cleared – all the obstacles removed. How did you create this luck?

The pay rise may have been created through your wish for it – Perhaps in this way: You became disgruntled in yourself about not being valued so  you had the courage to speak more forthrightly about your work procedures, as you were not so concerned about being good enough as you felt “well for the money I am getting I don’t have to be perfect – I am going to say what I think. If they don’t like it  and, in the worst case, sack me, then I have the opportunity to get something better..” This leads you to be noticed; your originality, your unique vision; your confidence, perhaps some or all of these were useful. With this continued approach your potential is seen more clearly by your bosses, and so they decide to reward you as they recognise they need to keep you for the benefit of the organisation. In a sense your feeling of being worth more, created a feeling of less preciousness over your job and so helped you take more risks and show people what you could do – leading you to be rewarded. Of course you could have just asked for a pay rise,  and perhaps did. The key here with this months energy is that against all odds very positive ‘lucky’ occurrences are around you. You have created them in some way but the trail of events is not immediately clear.

the person who has a change of heart that seems unconnected to you – may be a response to your own inner work – searching for what your part in the conflict was, your lesson, having cleared that for yourself, the other is then stuck, usually unconsciously, by your subtle change in attitude and thus feels safer to shift themselves. It is as if you make space for the other to change.

The travel scenario similarly, you set a wish in motion and as we set our goals in motion and in some way allow ourselves to be changed by our desires so we set in motion a series of events we may not have been able to predict that bring the wish to us in a miraculous way. As we become more and more aware of this process in our lives we can trust ourselves to create everything we desire at the right time for us, even if it seems impossible.

So in the month of October be on the look out for miracles of all sizes around you and allow them to impact on your life. Also the saying “Be careful what you wish for” comes to me. As we take care with what we decide to call to us so we find our lives become more and more in tune with who we really are and what we really want.

I am aware the image is of a hand gun and I get the sense we have a much bigger ‘hand’ in things than we think. If you experience the wheel turn the other way, then there is a similar process to find how we might have contributed to this – perhaps by our own beliefs about our self or the world. As we find how we were part of it so we can then choose anew and miraculously change how we respond to the situation and potentially not call this type of challenge to us again.

If you are experiencing difficulty this month ask yourself What would be miraculous for me in this situation? Can I allow this possibility to exist amongst all possibilities? If not, what is blocking me at least giving this miracle one bullet out of the whole round? As we allow the possibility of miracles into our lives we see more of them. The month ahead is a good month for working with this energy to positive effect in all areas of your life, Home, Family, Work, Personal development etc.

Just remember the unknown has a hand in this too – you have your wish – give a possibility to the miracle, then you have to let go and allow the mystery to fill in the steps. If we get to prescriptive about how the miracle comes to us then sometimes we miss the very opportunity that was knocking to bring our wish to us.

This month may well see you experiencing the miracles you put into place through your work on your inner self looking back  as far as May this year.  Did the transformations, decisions, and healing you did then have an effect on the positive things you are experiencing through this month?

Lots of food for thought for the month for you – It looks to be a very positive month as the wheel is upright and fortunes take a turn for the better. As you use this positive phase to understand the way of things so you can become more and more aware of your part in your luck and so harness it more often in the future.

Have a wonderful month!