6 Swords – Mary El

This month’s card is the 6 swords; surprisingly the same card as last month but in a different deck.  It will be interesting to see how similar or different I feel the message is with this deck as compared to the Margarete Petersen of last month.


On the card we see Archangel Raphael clearly nurturing, loving and protecting the children and dog pictured on the card. I feel a strong sense of being loved and cared for by a benevolent powerful force. This month is about receiving the healing that is available to us from the spiritual sources we conceive of. I feel health issues improve, emotional pain subsides and we come to understand and be compassionate to ourselves and others in the situations we have been involved in.  I have a sense of a great deal of passion for life is released in this process as we clear out the blocking emotions and find our own center, our wings, so we re-find our ability to move forward in life.

We can also see this as the part of ourselves that is wise and knowing is now caring for the more vulnerable parts of ourselves, our inner child and inner children of all ages are being cared for well. As we listen to our inner child so we understand our deepest fears and emotions and can address the needs beneath these feelings. If we honour our inner child so we honour ourselves and paradoxically find ourselves more able to respond to the world around as in an adult way. The resources we hide in our child become available to us for information and also use in the world in a positive way.

It may be we have ignored our inner selves for too long and that now is the time to listen to our vulnerabilities, and once we have heard the reality of our fragile selves so we can take action in the world from our more protective and also wise selves. We can encourage and help our inner child be more a part of our lives, which will bring us the gifts of creativity, spontaneity, freedom, love and passion. This month sees these gifts as playing a much greater active role in the things to come.

It may also indicate that you find a new connection to your spirituality. It might be a return to the spiritual beliefs of your childhood, or it may be simply a commitment to daily spiritual practice in your life now.  As we stand before the Universe and recognise both our smallness and also our ability to act in the world and make a difference, so we find our unique place and how we can most be of service.

Being a swords card there is a good deal of understanding about the spiritual nature of our reality that come through this month.  We might decide to take up a course of study in spiritual matters, or we may decide to dedicate ourselves more strongly to our spiritual growth. Whatever we do this month there is a sense of spiritual protection around us and the availability of love that transcends all human conditions.  Allow yourself some time to connect with this and allow yourself to be fed by it. As you do your your life becomes smoother, and your physical body heals in the ways it needs to. Healing on all levels is very much the theme of this month ahead and you can trust that there will be improvement in how you see the world. A more positive light coming to you, as you see and accept the reality of your true feelings, so joy can arise and be with you again.

I also have a sense of friendship and sharing as you work with these spiritual aspects of yourself. It maybe you join with others of like minds to explore the metaphysical, or it may simply be that you find your friendships have more a quality of childlike trust and innocence. There is a loyalty you become aware of in a stronger way than before. I feel family relationships become important and you see people around you as brothers and sisters in the unfolding of an often scarey or challenging life. Together there is support and focus for a positive future.  Allow it to unfold in the weeks that come.