A card for April 2012

Card of the month – Ace of Feathers

This months card of the month I drew with the intention that there would be something in the interpretation that would help all those who read this.

The card was the Ace of Feathers. In the Margarete Pettersen deck feathers are the suit concerned with air and all that is associated with it. Here on the card we have a single peacock feather bright and colourful in reds yellows and a central blue ‘eye’ The background is paler blue and white.

Ace of Feathers

This is the correct way up

I get the sense of the sky and thus air as I look at the card and a feeling of the beauty of a sunny day when the sky is beautifully clear except for the odd wisp of cloud here and there. The card was drawn reversed and I feel there is a sense here that the clouds are overcoming the clarity and you might be feeling like you are confused and can’t quite put your finger on why. There is a feeling of clarity being possible but seems just out of reach – like having a word on the tip of your tongue. I remember at this point that mercury is retrograde at the moment and this card feels very like a retrograde mercury time. Communication seems murky or difficult in some way, things get lost in the ether if we are communicating by electronic means, actual conversations seems to not quite flow as they would usually. Perhaps there is something you need to say but you are finding the person you are talking to seems to get the wrong end of the stick as you start to explain. Away from personal communication the communications and connections between things electronic and otherwise can be challenged at this time so we find equipment breaks and errors happen in digital processing.

As I look to the card again in its reversed position I also am drawn to the shapes and lines at the bottom of the card – this way up these seem like the sea on a windy yet sunny day. I feel the answer to the difficulties communicating is held here. This time is best used to go within ourselves and find our light and see this reflected in the things happening around us – I feel the wind is bringing constant change and hence it is difficult to see clearly where things are heading, however this change is needed to stir things up and when the wind drops we will be able to see where we are more easily. I also feel the sea represents our deepest emotions and that the turbulence we are experiencing outside of ourselves may actually be a reflection of some inner turbulence which is not so immediately apparent. If we use this time to explore what we are feeling in our life we can find our own truth more easily and then take action based on this rather than reacting to what is in our external environment first.

The peacock feather says to me that though we may wish to show our beauty externally to the world at the moment if we show our beauty to ourselves and find it within us then we will find more peace and stillness. Under the water the sea is calm and the waves no longer affect us. The beauty we find there can then be brought out for our own benefit and whether the world recognises it will be less important to us. We find our own clarity and then others perceptions are not so relevant. I am now drawn to the circle that is just behind the peacock and see that this time is a time of finding our wholeness – completing the things we have stashed away inside us for another time. As we bring the circles to a close so we find ourselves feeling more complete and can right the card. Coming from our own center rather than from what we think others want of us. Our communication miraculously seems clearer and we find things flow again as we wanted from the start – a feeling of an invisible force deciding suddenly to make things ok – as the wind drops and the emotions are stilled.


How does it work? Questions from a client

I recieved a few questions from a recent client of mine that I felt many people may appreciate the answers to so I have reproduced my answer to my client (with her permission here)
Client: I will let you know how things evolve and will defiantly be in touch in the future … I just have one question to which I’m so in awe of and it is how you can possibly be so accurate on a reading without a photo or possibly meeting the person in question. How do you pick up on the person in question ???……

My Reply: Its all about intention and energy. When we set our intention into something we create a thoughtform – or a bubble of energy if you like, and this intention or energy bubble attracts to it the relevant information or energy. How good a reader is, is in part how good they are at reading this energy, either as pictures, words, a knowingness, or a sensation. (Clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognisance, clairsentience respectively.) So distance doesn’t matter in itself – only the intention to connect within someone’s energy system and their guides and/or higher self. When I read for someone, even if they are sitting next to me, I am actually connecting with my guides and higher energies to do the reading anyway, so whether the person is in front of me or not is neither here nor there. Of course some people prefer to be present or on the phone so they can ask questions as the reading goes along. This is the psychic side of my readings.

The tarot itself however can be read with little psychic ability, the cards have meanings which when put with spread positions can become quite specific. In this case the cards themselves arise in the positions they do through the use of intention again. The energy that guides the reader or the querant to stop shuffling is the universal pull to say this is what needs to be seen at this time. Readers use their knowledge and intuition to bring the reading together. When the use of tarot is paired with psychic ability it can be very powerful – the cards ground the psychic information and add further details, they ensure the psychic reader is not just projecting their stuff onto the client too.

Scientifically speaking of course no one knows exactly how these things work – though if you read up on quantum physics you do find a lot of evidence at this level, of the sorts of things experienced in the esoteric arts, healing and divination etc. If this is an area you are interested in there are several popular books on the topic which can be fairly accessible.

Client: It amazes me …If you have time one day to explain I would appreciate an explication … Are you always correct ? Do you ever get two situations mixed into one ??

My Reply: I don’t think I am always 100% accurate, sometimes what I say seems not to resonate with the client, though it is hard to really say how often this is, as I do often get feedback from people quite some time after a reading, to say that something they thought was totally off at the time of the reading actually turned out to be as I said it would be. I do have a sense of being more accurate as time passes too, ie I am continually growing in my ability. I don’t tend to find I get situations mixed up – though I do like to have a bit of a gap between readings to fully close down to one client before opening up to another.

A Card for March

A card for March

I picked a card with the intention that there would be a message for everyone reading this months article.

The card was The Universe from the Haindl deck

I see that there are many things coming to a close this month – projects that have been going for a long time, personal development issues finally being resolved, and the gentle moving away from relationships that used to have a hold over you you have been trying to free yourself from.

There is a good deal of fire with this card on one side and I have the sense of a pheonix and the transformatory power of allowing ourselves to be consumed with our passion – as we follow our passion so the things that are right for us appear before us and the things that are not seem to have no space in our life any more. Resist the temptation to act out of a sense of duty, or should, unless your heart is in it. If we hold onto relationships thinking we ‘should’ catch up with, or see someone, so we deny our reality of not feeling the impulse to and sometimes this is a message that that relationship has run its course and that it is time to walk down a different path – sometimes for a short time before returning – other times for a longer period – we need not agonise over this, just accept it is as it is for the now and do what is in your heart. If your connection is strong and true you will feel the desire to reconnect at a later date.

I see this card image is set out in space – there are many spheres reminding me of wholeness and the completeness we seek yet is often in the realms of other worlds as we struggle to find our balance in the physical plane. Here though there is an opportunity to catch a glimpse of this wholeness and wholesomeness in our lives. It is a natural turn of events – endings are done well and successfully, courses completed, and ambitions achieved. Then is a time for rest and a consideration of what the new will bring. The time for this is immanent though not here yet.

The card is connected to saturn and as such the foundations you have built are strong and have been a long time in the making, and the changes you make now are for the long term. There is no need to rush into them though – allow yourself to savour the transformation process itself. There is no need to rush to the next thing but celebrate what you have achieved and really consolidate the knowledge gained through your journey.

The dragon figure on the card reminds me of the messenger from the higher realms to the lower ones. Magical creature who can show us spirits messages, and can consume the things that are old and need transforming with one breath. There is no need for fear as this is a spring clean in the deepest sense and the room of your soul will feel sparkling and clean from the transformation. You can bring this in with spring cleaning on the physical level, anything that doesn’t bring you joy is no longer needed. Let go and be free to be all of who you are.

I am happy to hear of your comments to this if you are drawn to share them.